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SKU #: AEV-30601000AA AEV Switch Pod Kit 13-18 Ram

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    • 2013-2018 Ram 1500 / 2500 / 3500


No, this is not a universal switch pod that you install using double sided sticky tape. This Switch Pod from AEV is designed specifically for the 2013+ Rams to provide provisions to mount up to six a ... read more

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No, this is not a universal switch pod that you install using double sided sticky tape. This Switch Pod from AEV is designed specifically for the 2013+ Rams to provide provisions to mount up to six auxiliary switches for controlling lighting, an air compressor, literally any 12 volt accessory, all at your fingertips.

Auxiliary driving lights, an LED light bar, front and rear lockers, and an on-board air compressor are all common upgrades for any off-road enthusiast, but finding a convenient and easily accessible mounting location for all those switches can be daunting task. AEV's Switch Pod for the 2013-18 Ram 1500 and 2013+ Ram 2500/3500 is designed for the DIY installer who is looking for a clean, functional mounting location for up to six auxiliary switches.

Specifically molded to fit the contours of the Ram's dash board without being too obtrusive, this switch pod sits just above the radio, keeping all your important switches safely within arm's reach. The AEV Switch Pod is painted black to match the Ram's dark interior trim pieces but can be custom painted to match any color combination. Installation is very straight forward and will take less than an hour on most trucks.

AEV recommends using Carling Contura II rocker switches (not included) but a number of other aftermarket switches may also work.


  • SkuAEV-30601000AA
  • ManufacturerAEV | American Expedition Vehicles
  • MPN30601000AA


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Once I decided to add more than 1 switch I noticed the space available in the Rebel was limited and this provided the perfect solution. I made my own relay board and wiring harnesses to go along with this for a factory look that works exactly how I hoped. I would recommend getting the available harnesses and power module if you aren’t experienced in making your own. Very easy installation, worth the money.
Store Reply
Right on Jeff! Happy it is working well for you. -Ben
Verified Buyer
Awesome unit
This is an excellent accessory to add to the truck. Switches are a breeze to pop in and mounting is all striaght forward!
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. We agree, if you still like the look and feel of switches to control your accesories, this is the easiest and cleanest way to mount them. If you need anything else for your Ram shoot us a call! -Sands
It turns me on...
Worked perfectly and looks darn near like it came from the factory. Very happy with this.. I did have it installed professionally and was told it was a bit harder than described.. but they were very impressed with it ..
This looks good !!!fit and finish looks like it came this way !!!
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. AEV's parts all fit like it came from the factory, their attention to details is unmatched.
Great product exactly what I was looking for
Was searching everywhere for a guage pod and then came across this and decided to give it a try. Installed it in my 2016 Ram and couldn't be happier, hooked up my accessories on switches and the outcome was amazing. Thanks for making my truck complete.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review and really glad the new switch pod turned out to be what you were looking for. Using this sure beats just drilling a bunch of holes in your dash to install switches.

When will this product be able for purchase? I'd like to purchase one ASAP and convert it to a gauge pod.?

No ETA at this time. They are working on getting it out ASAP.


I have both a 2011 and a 2017 Ram 2500. Will it the AEV switch pod fit my 2011 the dash looks identical to my 2017 ??

Not aware of it fitting the 2011 trucks. Only 13+ confirmed. SNA


Does this come with the 6 buttons or do those need to be purchased seperately??

They need to be purchased separately. DppSands


What other rocker options were used? I tried to search for the recommended ones, but they were electric stores that hard to search?

A majority of "Snap in" Rocker switches will work. The Carling brand is pretty popular and very reliable. A lot of places carry them. -Sands


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AEV Switch Pod Kit 13-18 Ram

AEV Switch Pod Kit 13-18 Ram

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