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SKU #: AFE-77-46101 AFE 77-46101 Scorcher HD Module 16-19 Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Cummins

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    • 2016-2019 Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Cummins


How about an extra 60 ponies with four shift on the fly power levels for your XD? That's what you get with the addition of a SCORCHER! A simple 30 minute install will give you a huge increase in pow ... read more

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How about an extra 60 ponies with four shift on the fly power levels for your XD? That's what you get with the addition of a SCORCHER!

A simple 30 minute install will give you a huge increase in power. The aFe POWER SCORCHER HD Module includes a high quality case wire harness with factory style connectors for an easy Plug & Play installation. A LED light switch provides In-Cabin On-The-Fly power adjustments. The 4-Power settings are adjustable with one button and the LED light represent the settings: Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange) and Race (Red) . This performance module increase turbo boost and fuel pressure. It improves vehicle performance and throttle response. In testing, this module resulted in significant +60 horsepower and up to +100 lbs. x ft. of torque verified by our in house dyno.

Direct Plug & Play Power: This quick and easy Plug & Play SCORCHER HD module adds significant power by altering pressure sensor signals to increase turbo boost and fuel pressure to improve vehicle efficiency, power and throttle response.

In-Cabin On-the-Fly Power Adjustments: SCORCHER HD modules features In-Cabin On-the-Fly power adjustment to accommodate any situation. This adjustment is controlled by via LED light switch with a button that can be easily mounted in any location in the cabin.

High Quality Case Wire Harness: aFe SCORCHER HD modules uses high quality aluminum extrusion black powder-coated enclosure casing and factory style connectors which requires no modification to your factory harness. These factory style connectors, plugs directly into the stock wiring harness connectors and sensors.

High Precision and Quality: SCORCHER HD modules are 100% tested for proper protection. These modules work amazingly on stock vehicles and are optimized for maximum performance with use of aFe POWER performance products.

IMPORTANT NOTES: aFe POWER does not recommend to use with any other tuners or modules. aFe POWER recommends to use the SCORCHER HD module in Sport or Sport+ settings during towing.

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  • SkuAFE-77-46101
  • Dimensions8 4 8
  • ManufacturerAFE
  • MPN77-46101
  • This product will not allow for the removal or disablement of factory emissions equipment, such as EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) or DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter).
  • Product is not returnable if the packaging has been opened and/or product has been installed.
  • Quick and easy Plug & Play installation without any modifications
  • Around 30 minute installation
  • Dyno tested and produced significant power increases of +60 HP / +100 lbs. x ft. torque (Vehicle tested with Momentum HD Intake P/N: 50-76105)
  • Increase turbo boost and fuel pressure to improve vehicle performance, efficiency and throttle response
  • In-Cabin On-the-Fly Power Adjustments via LED light switch
  • 4-power position settings: Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange) and Race (Red)
  • Leaves no trace on ECU (No Footprint)
  • High quality case wire harness w/ factory style connectors
  • High reliability, 100% of units tested
  • Compatible with other aFe POWER performance products


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Verified Buyer
Great product! Don't wait to get yours!
AFE has done a great job with their Scorcher HD module for the Nissan Titan Cummins. Easy to install. With more power and better fuel mileage you can't go wrong!
Verified Buyer
Great Product
the programmer was easy to install and works great. I would recommend this to anyone with a 5.0 diesel in there Titan
Store Reply
Thanks for the review and great feedback. Glad you're enjoying the extra ponies from the Scorcher!
Verified Buyer
Nice product
Helps move the truck after i put a 6"" lift and 35 x 12.5s under it
Store Reply
Thank you for the review, and glad to hear it gave you a good bump in power with your new, larger meats.
Verified Buyer
Make the good great!
GreT product, makes a great motor better!
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. AFE did a great job with this performance module, truly makes a big difference in the overall power of the 5.0L Cummins.
Difference in power and torque is noticeable.
The Scorcher works well enough for my purposes. Power and torque is especially noticeable in sport+ and race modes. In testing race mode, mileage on highway and country roads (55 to 75 mph) improved from 19.3 to 21.8 mpg with some city driving thrown in at the end of the drive. Acceleration was more responsive and worth the upgrade. The main negative is installation difficulty and instructions lacking sufficient detail. Pros may install the module in 30 minutes, but not your average customer. The company video was a big help, but lacked the detail necessary to improve on the learning curve and reduce frustration. The written instructions need to be completely rewritten. Once installed, this is a good product.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the detailed response and great to hear that you were able to pinpoint the benefits, as well as the drawbacks, of this module. But the main thing is you're satisfied with the end result and its delivering on the expected power and fuel economy. Thank you, again.
Difference in power and torque is noticeable (Part 2 )
My first comments were my initial response after installation and the first trial run. I have since discovered more advantages of Scorcher operation and would like to clarify my disappointment regarding lack of detail in instructions. I have since taken my 30 foot camper on the road in Sport + and Race modes. The first immediate difference is the seemingly effortless start from standstill to trailering speed. Up hill grades and head winds were not a challenge due to the extra power available. Operation of vehicle ""Tow Mode"" was not impacted and operating temperatures were normal for engine, turbo, and EGT. Location of the fuel flow sensor on the Titan XD is extremely difficult to get to and requires more detail in installation instructions. The Scorcher is designed intelligently, but more detail is needed in demonstrating how to manipulate and connect the fuel flow connection. I am glad I installed the Scorcher and would recommend it to anyone.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the great, detailed review on the Scorcher. Very glad to hear you've been able to realize the benefits of the added power and functionality.
Verified Buyer
Great Product
Truck runs great and has great pulling power now.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review. The Scorcher absolutely delivers a noticeable power increase for the 5.0 Cummins.
Verified Buyer
Yes I would!
Just in stalled it this the weekend June 24 /2018 and it seems to have added some additional torque. The green setting seems to have less power then stock, top setting (red) has more then stock. So it is an improvement!!
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I have not been able to find any reviews on this product? Have you sold any yet? Shipping to Thunder Bay Canada possible? Thanks?

As of right now we have not got any feed back on the unit. Couple have sold however. Fully capable to ship to Canada yes.


What kind of increase in fuel millage would I see with this on my 2016 Titan XD ??

As of currently, we have not seen reports back on MPG gains as of now.


If i don't like the performance can I return it, and get my money back??

Electronic parts such as tuners can not be returned after installed no.


can this be used to delete egr pdf sensors on the map sensor, so I can remove the exhaust system and put straight pipes on... plus muffler... for titan xd 5.0 diesel??

We do not offer any current tuners to preform emissions removal.


Would this void my trucks warranty if installed??

These can be traced and would be something to ask your dealer.


Any idea what effect this has on the EGT??

We have yet to do any testing to provide numbers on EGT's


Before I purchase this unit, is it legal in CA for use on public roads? Is it CARB compliant? Thanks!?

This unit is currently not CARB approved.


Does this product void my factory warranty ??

This item can be removed and is non-traceable.

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AFE 77-46101 Scorcher HD Module 16-19 Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Cummins

AFE 77-46101 Scorcher HD Module 16-19 Nissan Titan XD 5.0L Cummins

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