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SKU #: ARB-RD140 ARB Air Locker Ford 10.25" / 10.5" 12-Bolt

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    • 1999-2016 Ford F-250 / F-350 SuperDuty
    • 2000-2005 Ford Excursion


There are three main types of differentials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages open, limited slip, and automatic locking. An open differential is best suited for vehicles used for day ... read more

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There are three main types of differentials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages open, limited slip, and automatic locking. An open differential is best suited for vehicles used for day to day driving on the street under fair weather. They tend to be the smoothest running differential, but unfortunately they lack the necessary traction capabilities for anything but dry pavement. This is mostly due to the wheels being from one another, which causes only one wheel to spin when traction is most needed. A limited slip differential is a relatively newer concept on modern vehicles which offers traction improvements over an open differential, but typically will still not engage both wheels at the same time when traction is most needed. And finally, an automatic locking differential provides equal traction to both tires all the time, which favors well for off-road use, but will cause increased wear on the vehicle and tires for street use and are typically considerably noisy.

Having Your Cake and Eating It Too
And here is where the ARB Air Locker presents itself as the ultimate differential solution. The advantage of the ARB Air Locker lies in the pneumatically operated locking system inside the differential. When activated by a 12 volt air compressor, the Air Locker prevents the differential gears from rotating and therefore prevents the axle shafts from turning independently of each other. With both wheels tied directly to the rotation of the ring gear the vehicle maintains maximum possible traction at all times. When unlocked, it operates just like conventional "open" differentials. When installed with an ARB air compressor (see below), the locker system is supplied as a complete kit which contains all of the parts necessary for proper installation, including industrial grade control switches, air lines and fittings. ARB offers three compressor models suitable for Air Locker operation. A dedicated air activation system is available which is extremely durable and compact. Alternatively a larger compressor can be specified, which is also perfect for inflating tires, air mattresses and a host of other applications where compressed air is required.


  • SkuARB-RD140
  • ManufacturerARB
  • MPNRD140


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Greetings, I want to install this ARB lockers on my truck and I want to do it in both sides, front and back. My question is if this one will work for the front and rear differential? by the way my truck is a 2004 Excursion 4wd Diesel. for your attention, Thank you.?

No that locker is only for the rear differential. I can get the front lockers but they are not advertised on our site. Shoot us a call or email and we can go over it a little better.


I have a 1995 F350 DRW SD, will this work? The verbiage is a bit confusing as in red at the top its listed but at the bottom under fitment it is not. Thanks.?

This should fit that application yes, I would verify the truck does have a Steerling 10.25 or 10.5 and NOT a Dana 80.


Will this fit a 2000 e350?2wd?

We would need to know the axle type.


Will thisbfit both front and rear on a 2005 ford f350??

That would fit the rear. The front on that truck would be a Dana 60. So you need one for a front Dana 60. We have them available on our site as well.


Hello, I have a 2005 Excursion Diesel 4x4 and am interested in installing an ARB air locker. Do you have step-by-step instructions available for this project? Thank you.?

Yes we do. http://www.arb4x4.pl/instrukcje/blokady_mostu/ARB-RD140.pdf DPPSands


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ARB Air Locker Ford 10.25

ARB Air Locker Ford 10.25" / 10.5" 12-Bolt

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