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SKU #: ATS-2029302164 ATS 2029302164 Aurora 3000 Turbo System 94-98 5.9L Cummins

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    • 1994-1998 5.9L Dodge Cummins 12 Valve


A quick spooling turbo with unsurpassed reliability that will match up perfectly to even a stock powered truck for a significantly broader power band and decreased temperatures. Matching up a turbo t ... read more

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A quick spooling turbo with unsurpassed reliability that will match up perfectly to even a stock powered truck for a significantly broader power band and decreased temperatures.

Matching up a turbo to existing or future modifications to a truck can be tricky. Fueling, transmission, tire size, gear ratio, altitude, use of truck, and other variables all must come into the equation to determine what turbo will work best for you. And for those that haven't committed to over 500 rear wheel horsepower, finding a performance turbo can be very tricky because the majority of turbo manufacturers all start at a 62mm compressor, which is simply too large of a turbo for trucks producing under 500 RWHP, especially when towing. Fortunately, ATS has the perfect turbo, even for stock powered trucks, with their Aurora 3000 turbo system for the 94-98 12 valve 5.9L Cummins!

The Aurora 3000 is a quick spooling turbo charger that is great for all around performance on the P7100 powered 5.9L Cummins. The 58mm inducer on the turbo is a very nimble and highly responsive unit. Safe for stock engines and stock components, towing and daily driving become much easier due to the turbo doing more work, instead of relying on the engine with a restrictive factory turbo. The increased air volume will utilize all fuel injected into the cylinder, creating a more complete and efficient combustion event. This will result in lower EGTs (Exhaust Gas Temperatures), better throttle response, and a more efficient/useable torque curve. This turbo comes with ATS's 3 year, 150,000 mile warranty.

RECOMMENDED ADD-ON PARTS - With the installation of an upgraded turbo, such as this Aurora 3000, we highly recommend also upgrading the exhaust manifold. Besides the simple fact that there is no better time to do so because the turbo will be off, there are many performance advantages, as well. The higher flowing exhaust manifold will assist the turbo to light sooner and provide more boost/air flow throughout the entire RPM range due to a reduction in the factory bottlenecked manifold. And quite simply, the line of ATS turbos are originally designed and tested with one of their Pulse Flow manifolds installed, so you will receive the maximum gain by installing as a package. Also, the multi-piece design provides an area for expansion/contraction to occur, which will nearly eliminate the possibility of a cracked manifold, which leads to a serious performance disadvantage. Finally, this manifold is built with a pre-threaded port making the installation of a pyrometer thermocouple a breeze.


  • SkuATS-2029302164
  • ManufacturerATS Diesel Performance
  • MPN2029302164
  • Quicker spool-up with reduced lag
  • More efficient and useable torque curve
  • Designed for towing and daily driving
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Safe for stock engine and components
  • Decrease in stress on the engine due to better combustion
  • Reduces turbo "bark" due to ported compressor housing design
  • Great all-around performance gains
  • Everything is included for a smooth installation including 4" downpipe
  • This turbo is THE choice for those towing heavy loads and looking for exceptional EGT control


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My truck currently has 150 hp injectors, 4k governor springs, and thats really about it. Still the stock turbo. By the time I'm ready to purchase this, I will have changed a few more things but I was curious as to what kind of power this turbo would leave me with? I'm looking for 400-500 hp and it's a daily driver and I do use it for hauling and the occasional race. If this isn't a good choice, what would you suggest??

For those modifications and build specs we would recommend the ATS 3000 model turbo yes, this will be more suited for the 400-500Hp range with its compressor sizing and build specs. If you ever plan to get the truck closer to the 600Hp range, we would suggest starting off with the ATS 4000 Model.


Hi the question I'm asking is dose the ats 3000 turbo have a waste gate or do I have to buy one for it?

These are a non-wastegated turbo and are designed this way. You do not need to purchase one.


Do you have this product in stock??

Unfortunately not, we would have to contact ATS to see if they had stock. If not we do have other turbo options.


What will I need to complete the install? Is it a direct bolt on, if not does it come with everything needed to complete the build??

Everything needed for installation is included in the kit.


I have 120hp bd injectors, a dynamite diesel adjustable fuel plate, arp studs and Hamilton honeycomb valve springs. Along with a built 4l80e Chevy trans with standalone controller. I will ad 4K gov springs before I buy a turbo. The truck will be my daily with plans of eventually going with twin turbos and making more power. Is this a good turbo for my setup and will it be a good turbo for an eventual upgrade to twins (thinking possible an ats 5000 for a low pressure turbo later on)? If not could you make a different recommendation? Thanks!?

That is a little small for those injectors you would have to back the fuel plate way off in the attempt to control temps. It would work though just watch temps. And it would be a great turbo for compounds later.


I am wanting to install this on my '97 Ram 5 speed and am stock other than a #0 fuel plate, pyro and boost gauge. I am wondering if this would be a good option for me.?

Yes that turbo would be good for a mostly stock truck. SA


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ATS 2029302164 Aurora 3000 Turbo System 94-98 5.9L Cummins

ATS 2029302164 Aurora 3000 Turbo System 94-98 5.9L Cummins

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