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SKU #: ATS-3039002326-Main ATS Performance Valve Body 07.5-18 6.7L Dodge Cummins

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    • 2007.5-2018 6.7L Dodge Cummins
    • 68RFE Automatic Transmission
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Improve the clutch holding capability and shift pattern of your 68RFE automatic transmission by upgrading your valve body with this unit from ATS. The valve body is considered the nervous system of t ... read more

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Improve the clutch holding capability and shift pattern of your 68RFE automatic transmission by upgrading your valve body with this unit from ATS.

The valve body is considered the nervous system of the transmission; the valve body is responsible for converting the electrical signals from the TCM (Transmission Control Module) into hydraulic actions. The 68RFE uses a non-synchronous, clutch-to-clutch design. This means that the shifts from gear to gear must be timed perfectly thereby releasing and applying a friction clutch to achieve a flawless shift. Because of the sensitivity of the hydraulic circuits, ATS has heavily modified many areas of the valve body. Hydraulic oil flow is ported to certain clutch packs where additional pressure is needed. The accumulator piston seals have been redesigned to ensure hydraulic pressure integrity. The accumulator plate is made of high-grade material to compensate for the additional pressure that the accumulator pistons and springs exert during heavy power situations.

Also, the ATS 68RFE valve body can be installed in a stock transmission for increased transmission capacity. When this performance valve body is installed in a good stock transmission, you can expect the transmission to hold on average an additional 100+ horsepower. When the valve body is installed with the addition of the ATS Co-Pilot transmission controller, your stock transmission will hold power levels of 200 horsepower over stock.

Understanding what ATS' Performance Valve Body does versus the Co-Pilot does can be confusing, so this is a brief description. The valve body allows for increased pressure to the clutch packs, which provides for higher transmission power capacity. That being said, the valve body must be commanded by the TCM to be able to produce the higher line pressure. The TCM presents a problem, as it does not have the ability to command the line pressure that the transmission needs to be able to hold the higher power levels. If the Co-Pilot is installed on a stock valve body, then the stock valve body does not have the ability to produce or handle the higher line pressure that is being commanded. Because of these two issues, you only get partial line pressure gains when only the performance valve body or the Co-Pilot is installed separately.

Because of the complexity of the 68RFE electrical and hydraulic system, in order to get the full effect of the valve body, the Co-Pilot should be installed in addition to the valve body.

  • Does not come with solenoid pack or electronics
  • White connectors are typically found on 2007.5-2011 model years. Grey connectors are typically found on 2012+ model years


  • ManufacturerATS Diesel Performance
  • MPN3039002326 | 3039002380


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Verified Buyer
Nice valve body. If you have the gray connector get new 6 solenoid pack, white connector. Must do quick learn after trans reaches operating temperature.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review and suggestions. Glad you like the upgrade.

Does this part have the ATS 3030312326 Separator Plate / Accumulator Plate Kit as part of its internals??

It uses a slightly different version tailored for the valve body.


Do you have to buy a new Seloniod pack to install?

You can use the one off of your valve body if you want but it's best to go ahead and replace it with a new one. The old pack contaminants the new valve body causing other issues.


If I put this in my 68rfe will I still need to add a high pressure kit as well . I'm running Eli anarchy tunes.?

No you won't this valve body already comes with the upgraded Separator plate and accumulator plate installed. It is ready to shred some tires. Or not if that's not your thing. Thanks for the question. Cooper.


Does the ATS Performance Valve Body 07.5-18 6.7L Dodge Cummins come with a Solenoid pack??

No, it does not. -Ben


i have a grey connector will one with a white connector work??

No you would need to get the grey connector option. -Sands


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ATS Performance Valve Body 07.5-18 6.7L Dodge Cummins

ATS Performance Valve Body 07.5-18 6.7L Dodge Cummins

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