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SKU #: BD-1027343 BD 1027343 4" In-Line/Remote Mount Exhaust Brake 13-17 6.7L Ram Cummins

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    • 2013-2017 6.7L Ram Cummins


For those that 6.7L Cummins owners have upgraded their stock VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) to a better performing, more reliable non-VGT, there's one thing that most are seriously missing, that's the ... read more

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For those that 6.7L Cummins owners have upgraded their stock VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) to a better performing, more reliable non-VGT, there's one thing that most are seriously missing, that's the factory exhaust brake. And while we agree that the stock VGT brake is a good brake, especially for those that have never had a standard, in-line exhaust brake, it leaves something to be desired in comparison. If you've given up your stock turbo, and are ready to add a legitimate exhaust brake back in that will deliver serious retarding power, check out this brake from BD that is even designed to integrate into your factory switch on the dash!

There's a reason why the BD Brake is the most widely-recognized diesel exhaust brake in the industry: It's the best! Compare it to the competition, and you'll see why.

The factory VGT turbo and exhaust brake work fairly well as a factory combination. However, over the years since the release of the 6.7L Cummins, they have also shown their weaknesses. The biggest issue that most people have is that the sliding nozzle / ring and the turbo will develop soot and actually freeze up, causing serious drivability issues, as well as losing the exhaust brake. On top of this, the factory turbo is fairly limited in its capabilities, especially as we add more power to the engine. And finally, the performance of the factory exhaust brake is marginal. For those that have never had an exhaust brake, they think it's the best thing since sliced bread, but for those that have had a traditional in-line style of brake, there simply is no comparison.

So what's the solution? Many Cummins owners will eliminate the VGT turbo and switch to a standard single-stage turbo, similar to what the 5.9L's came with for years, and there is a multitude of performance turbos that suit this same criteria. However, when you do this, you lose the exhaust brake. The fix? BD builds an in-line exhaust brake specific for those 6.7L owners that have removed the VGT turbo in favor of a single stage, such as the BD Super B Special. This kit comes complete with everything you need to install into the 4" downpipe found on most aftermarket turbo retrofit kits for the 6.7L's.

Increase your driving confidence and towing safety with the superior retarding performance of the BD Brake for your Cummins! Using BD's exclusive Variable Orifice Technology, BD's inline exhaust brake mounts in the stream of the exhaust system, perfect for those with aftermarket turbos, providing peak retarding power throughout the engine's rpm rangenot just at high rpm like other brands.

Designed for years of reliable operation, the BD Brake's rugged cast-iron housing incorporates BD's exclusive AlumiBronze bushing and piston ring-sealed, stainless steel butterfly shaft that has proven to stand up under the harsh, high-heat conditions of the exhaust environment. Actuated by an air cylinder, the offset butterfly valve won't stick, and has been strategically placed in the elbow so that it won't impede exhaust flow when in the open position. The BD brake incorporates a threaded port for mounting an Exhaust Gas Temperature probe, as well as a 1/4-inch stainless steel port that can be used to monitor the brake's retarding performance. Got a modified or twin-turbo application? BD's remote-mount four-inch kits are an effective solution.

Controlling the exhaust brake couldn't be easier, as it uses the factory switch on the dash for a clean, seamless installation. The BD brake communicates with the engine's electronic idle verification board for quick engagement. The durable air compressor can even be used for other applications it's that tough.

All BD Brake kits come complete with the brake, air compressor, mounting hardware and complete instructions.

NOTE This exhaust brake will NOT work with the factory (or similar) VGT turbo, MUST be used with a traditional style turbo, such as an S300 or the BD Super B Special.


  • SkuBD-1027343
  • ManufacturerBD-Power
  • MPN1027343
  • Ideal for applications where installed aftermarket performance turbo will not facilitate turbo mount exhaust brake
  • BD's exclusive Variable Orifice Technology
  • BD's solid, offset butterfly
  • Spring loaded cylinder
  • Pressure regulation
  • Provides up to 150 retarding horsepower throughout the engine's RPM range
  • Rugged, cast-iron housings
  • BD's exclusive alumibronze bushing
  • Piston ring-seals
  • Stainless steel butterfly shaft
  • Proven to stand-up under the harsh, high heat conditions of the exhaust environment
  • All mounting hardware are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • An air compressor is included in most kits for newer pick-up trucks


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Would this be compatible with compound turbo with a second gen swap on 2014+ 6.7??



Will the air compressor run lockers and air tools with proper supporting mods??

This pump would be to small to support these other items.


I was just wondering if it will fit up to the Rumble B I have a 67mm and really missing the exhaust brake?

Yes, this will work in conjunction with the Rumble B kits.


The factory turbo on my truck is still working fine, but the VGT actuator has failed, leaving the turbo wide open. My fuel economy and top-end power have actually increased, so I see no reason to replace the turbo at this point. Would this work to replace the factory exhaust brake in my case??

No that kit would not work with a factory VGT turbo only aftermarket non-vgt turbos. DppSands


I have a 2015 Ram 5500. I know your system is operated by the switch on the dash but my switch has 3 settings(Off, Full On and Automatic). How does your system work? When you turn it on, is it just full on exhaust every time you let off the throttle or will it integrate into the automatic setting as well where the exhaust brake is variable according to speed and brake pedal position??

Is this the factory switch you are mentioning or a three position toggle switch? The BD Brake would activate exactly when the factory one would under no throttle brake or no brake. DppSands


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BD 1027343 4" In-Line/Remote Mount Exhaust Brake 13-17 6.7L Ram Cummins

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