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SKU #: BD-1045770 BD-Power 1045770 Screamer HE351VE Performance Turbo 07.5-12 6.7L Dodge Ram Cummins

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    • 2007.5-2012 6.7L Dodge Ram Cummins
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There are numerous turbo upgrades on the market for 6.7L Cummins. However, the majority of these upgraded turbos require you to eliminate the factory VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) in favor of a non-V ... read more

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There are numerous turbo upgrades on the market for 6.7L Cummins. However, the majority of these upgraded turbos require you to eliminate the factory VGT (Variable Geometry Turbo) in favor of a non-VGT, also requiring a different exhaust manifold, and numerous other items to make the conversion. In doing so, you also lose your factory exhaust brake. While these upgraded turbos are an excellent upgrade for those looking to make big power or eliminate the VGT for various reasons, for most, its simply not necessary or feasible. If you're like many and just want a good, reliable turbo that you can literally drop in place of the original and get a big boost in performance, this Screamer Turbo from BD is your answer.

Featuring an upgraded 64.5mm Ballistic Compressor Wheel and Low MOI (Moment of Inertia) 70mm Quick Spool Turbine Wheel, you'll see a huge gain in airflow which equates to more power, lower temperatures, and better fuel economy. Further, it features a brand new, factory Holset VGT actuator. Most other companies use either cheap, aftermarket actuators or reuse core (used) actuators, but unfortunately, all of these fail, and the only method to ensure reliability is starting with a brand new unit from the original manufacturer.

WARRANTY: 12 Months.

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  • SkuBD-1045770
  • Dimensions15 15 15
  • ManufacturerBD-Power
  • MPN1045770
  • Drops in to the stock location
  • Can support modifications up to 690HP with additional performance mods
  • Utilizes a brand new Holset VGT actuator
  • Ballistic 64.5mm Ballistic 7+7 blade compressor wheel
  • Low MOI (Moment of Inertia) 70mm 12 blade Quick Spool Turbine wheel
  • Each turbo actuator stroke is tested prior to shipping


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Verified Buyer
Awesome Turbo!
Install was a chore. I’m extremely happy with the results. I’d do it again if needed. I’ve pulled my 24’ gooseneck loaded with RZR’s and ATVs to Moab since installing. It pulls great. You can definitely notice more power through the power band. I’d recommend this to anyone looking for a nice “stock” replacement turbo. It sounds great too!
Store Reply
Thank you for your review! Glad that turbo is working out for you. We have great luck with those performance turbos, great choice. They always fit great and perform great. Next time you are looking for some more parts look us up. Stay safe
Verified Buyer
Good stock type replacement
Factory fit and install. Seems to run pretty well with previous mods
Working Great.
My Stock turbo started going bad. I installed this turbo instead of a stock replacement. The exhaust brake works great, better than stock. I didn't see any change in MPG, however nothing I have done to my truck seems to help MPG (I have a Cab and Chassis with 4.10 gears). No codes.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the great review. We've found the Screamer to be a great drop-in to upgrade the stock VGT without requiring you to change manifold, intake, etc. like a lot of the other upgrades that are offered.
Verified Buyer
Running good . Seems to be a good product. Keep up the good work DB
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. BD's Screamer is an excellent drop-in upgrade for 6.7L Cummins.
Verified Buyer
Got the whistle back.
Turbo went in with little issue. Purchased because original factory stuck closed and the actuator went south. Only driven for a couple days so I can't comment on longevity but inital impression is great.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. Its always nice to get a little bump in power if you have to replace a factory failed or worn out part.
Verified Buyer
Better than stock turbo
Very happy with the quality of this product. Much better than stock in sound and drivabilty.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. BD knocked it out of the park with this drop-in turbo. We agree, while the performance is great, it sounds pretty impressive, also!
Verified Buyer
Like it for a replacement of stock turbo.
Bought this after stock actuator went bad at 200k. Great replacement for stock. Only had it on for a week or two, but so far I get a little bit better mpg 1 to 2 gallons better, but it's better non the less. It seems smoother. Stock turbo seemed snappier. It says it add 100hp but I don't believe I get that bec my truck is stock. No turner, exhaust, or intake. Ad says you have to tune it. I believe ones it's tuned it will be much more what you would expect, but still a great and better replacement than stock. Ram 2500 4x4 crew cab longbed
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. Yes, while you can definitely use the Screamer on a completely stock truck, it will really shine with a little extra fueling since the turbo is adding additional airflow.
Verified Buyer
Great turbo... great service
TURBO IS GREAT!. WORKS as advertised . DPP delivered my turbo as they promised, on time-no hassle...
Store Reply
Thank you for the review and glad we lived up to your expectations!
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Is this California legal ? Will my dodge still pass smog if installed . Thank you kindly , Cody Almstrom?

This does not include or come with a CARB approval sticker, however we do not believe there would be any issues with passing.


Will this turbo work with egr and the rest of truck stock??

Yes, these will work with a bone stock truck yes.


Will this turbo work as an addition to a compound turbo kit??

It would replace the stock turbo in a compound kit for one of those trucks. That would be a pretty sweet setup. We have very close to the same setupon our UA build, Howitzer.


Will this turbo allow for the exhaust brake to still work??

Yes. This is still a VGT turbo.


Is this a rebuilt turbo with a new actuator? or is all new parts??

It is a rebuilt and modified turbo with a new actuator. It does have the updated actuator from holset.


I have 19k on my 2012 can you up date my turbo for any less or would it just be a core.?

It would be just a core


Just wondering about the EGT reduction over stock turbo??

Should see a healthy drop in EGT's. I would estimate between 100-150 degree drop. Knowing how much air that turbo moves. Lower drive pressures also because it is moving more air and exhaust.


Is the actuator less prone to failure than stock??

These are the OEM Holset actuators. However the internals in the turbo are upgraded, thus making them more reliable.

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BD-Power 1045770 Screamer HE351VE Performance Turbo 07.5-12 6.7L Dodge Ram Cummins

BD-Power 1045770 Screamer HE351VE Performance Turbo 07.5-12 6.7L Dodge Ram Cummins

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