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SKU #: BD-1036609-main BD High Idle Kit 03-16 Ford Powerstroke

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    • 2003-2016 Ford 6.0L / 6.4L / 6.7L Powerstroke
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Manually adjust your idle speed without the need for a tuning device, all through a simple rotary knob and five wire hook up. Warm up your Power Stroke engine faster on cold mornings with BD's High Id ... read more

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Manually adjust your idle speed without the need for a tuning device, all through a simple rotary knob and five wire hook up. Warm up your Power Stroke engine faster on cold mornings with BD's High Idle Kit for 2003-2016 Ford 6.0L, 6.4L or 6.7L trucks. The High Idle switch mounts on the dashboard and taps onto five wires under the dash for a quick and easy installation. Adjustments to idle speed are made via the dash mounted rotary switch, allowing for idle adjustments between 1200-2400 RPM on 2005-2010 trucks, and 900-3000 RPM on 2011-2016. 2003-2004 models will only toggle to 1200 RPM.

Great to use for remote starters, PTO's and extended idling applications.


  • ManufacturerBD-Power
  • MPN1036609 | 1036610


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Verified Buyer
04 F350 SD
For my application its just a toggle switch but I love it! One wire was kinda fun connecting to cause there isnt much room and my hands dont work bend right anymore (arthritis) but other than that took me about 15 min to install. Just bump the switch and 1200 Rpm! warms up alot quicker and when extended idleing, keeps the heater working!
Very well made, instructions are excellent. F...
Very well made, instructions are excellent. Ford owners be aware that one of the wires you are connecting to is a white wire with a brown stripe, not brown with a white stripe! Both are available but only one will work. Well worth the investment!
Bought to replace what i believed to be a bad...
Bought to replace what i believed to be a bad resistor in my previous high idle set up(fords version) that the dealership had installed. That only went to 1200RPM, only changed coolant by 8 degrees. Needed more for these cold days as some of my work equipment utilizes the heat from the coolant. I'm thinking 1500RPM for -30 to -40 Celsius weather will do the trick. -40 is same Celsius as Fahrenheit for those who are wondering. Installed relatively easy. Don't short anything out. White/Blue wire is Fuse #10 in the passenger kick panel is a tiny fuse(not the regular mini style, smaller). Only problem i had was that i had to use my previous switch to turn the high idle on and off and use this knob as a variable adjustment. I think i prefer it that way, less fiddling, adjust based on weather when needed, not every time. Why did i need to use the switch? This knob wouldn't kick in the high idle.(It is supposed to, it has a off/variable on position) Didn't use a volt meter to check if it was working. Put a toggle between white/blue wire and the SEIC wire. Works like a charm. Easier toggle and hidden adjustment if you only need to change it based on seasons. Would have given a 5 out of 5 if i didn't have to go on the internet to double check my wiring, get my wife to check my wiring and finally after supper to put my toggle to the SEIC to see it wasn't me.
Easy clean install! Works well, 03 6.0l.
Easy clean install! Works well, 03 6.0l.
Doesn't work on a Manual Trans, Regardless se...
Doesn't work on a Manual Trans, Regardless several sites showing it does. Was missing one of the parts with one I ordered. Wires could be a little bit longer. Wasn't expecting a Toggle Switch, was expecting a Rotor button time. Still a nice Toggle switch. Shipping seemed slow, but can't hold Diesel Power on that one. Would be a okay clean setup if it only worked and was more accurate on what it would fit.
Just what you need for a High Idle, extended Idle
This High Idle kit is complete and put together very well. Instructions are easy to follow. I use the high idle regular. Has remote start configuration for using high idle and remote start.
Verified Buyer
Works Great, easy to install
Installed on my 2010 e450 work truck. Easy to install and works Great! Arrived quicker than I thought it would. If you have a 6.0l, you should install this idle control kit.
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review. Especially when cold temperatures hit, having an adjustable high idle kit is nice to get your rig warmed up quicker.
Great Product!
This is a well made product. I hooked it up in 15 minutes and am very happy with it. I used it this morning and it worked as it was supposed to.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. We agree, BD did a great job with this kit to ensure it installs easily, and sure is a nice feature on those cold mornings.
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Will this work on the 2017.?

As of currently we have yet to confirm fitment on the 2017 Models.


Will this work with the factory remote start on a 2015 f350? Being the question if I remote start my truck with this system work or does the key have to be in it??

This will function the remote start just like it would currently. You would just need to select your idle RPM before you start the truck.


Will it work on 2004 6.0 w a manual trans??

Automatic transmissions only


will installing this high idle switch have a effect on the tuning of my truck? I have a 2012 f-350 that has been deleted and tuned with a h&s mini max. I just want to make sure it does not throw a code after I install.?

No it will not change anything besides idle.


Will this product work on a 2003 Excursion 6.0L??

No this kit will not fit an Excursion unfortunately. *DK*


I have 05 Ford E350 6.0 does it fit?..where do i have to hook up??

This unit will not be compatible on E-series applications. Just F-series pickups at this current time. -AW.


My truck is a 2004 F350 but the engine is a 2006 6.0. Which model should I buy??

That will depend. If the engine is a 2006, but all the wiring and throttle pedal is from 2004, I would do the 03-04 option. If you changed EVERYTHING over to be from a 2006, the 05-16 may be a better option. Not 100% sure on that. -Ben


Would the high idle automatically turn off after I press the brake or would I have to manually turn the switch off every time I drive??

It would be temporarily disabled everytime you pressed the brake. But to become fully disabled you would have to shut the switch off. -Sands


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BD High Idle Kit 03-16 Ford Powerstroke

BD High Idle Kit 03-16 Ford Powerstroke

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