2012 Bungart-NADM Sled Pull Workshop

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The National Association of Diesel Motorsports is teaming up with Bungart Motorsports to host the 2012 Sled Pull Workshop.

All eligible gasoline and diesel-powered trucks, tractors, and vehicles may enter. Those entered in the workshop will have the chance to pull a weighted sled down a 300 ft track.

This dirt track will allow a special opportunity to test any diesel truck’s ability to dyno before the 2012 pull season starts. Those in the workshop will also have a chance to make adjustments before the new season.

Admission for the workshop is $30 per truck and $10 per person. This cost includes an unlimited number of pulls.

The event takes place at the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, Missouri. The gates open at 10 am on May 5. The pull begins at 12 pm.

Stop by the Missouri State Fairgrounds at 2503 West 16th Street to take part in the 2012 Bungart-NADM Sled Pull Workshop.

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