Upgrades Coming for 2015 6.7L Ford Powerstroke

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With the release of the 6.7L Powerstrokes back in 2011 came a fair amount of skepticism.  Coming off two engines that had reliability concerns (6.0L and 6.4L) and bringing engine production in-house had many naysayers screaming “FAIL” before the first models even arrived at dealers.  After several years and the dust has officially cleared, we can attest that the 6.7L’s have without a doubt proven themselves a reliable workhorse.

2015-Ford-F-Series-Super-Duty-diesel-engineIn the past, we have mostly been pigeon holed as a group of Cummins enthusiasts, and it was rather hard to argue as Cummins adorned our entire parking lot, but that changed a year ago with the purchase and build of our Raptor SuperDuty, and has become one of our favorite vehicles.  The only thing that we wish Ford could have improved on, is that of the factory Garrett GT32 single sequential turbo that has demonstrated its inability to handle any type of additional horsepower or heavy loads.  Our testament to this was the demise of TWO factory turbos on the Raptor SuperDuty, with one occurring nowhere near home base resulting in the next day airing of a turbo to get us back on the road again.

2015-Ford-F-Series-Super-Duty-front-interiorFor 2015, our wish has been granted as the Powerstrokes will be upgraded to a Garrett GT37.  This new turbo features a single, larger 63.5mm inducer/88mm exducer compressor wheel, compared to the twin compressor wheels featured on the GT32.  The turbine wheel is also upgraded from a 64mm up to a 72.5mm, resulting in vastly increased airflow and reduced drive pressure, which in turn will also reduce the likelihood of blown head gaskets.

Due to the larger turbo, the rumor mill is slating the horsepower and torque numbers to be going up on the Powerstrokes, as well, coupled with further upgrades to even better handle the increase in power.  A revised torque converter, improved crankshaft, new five layer head gaskets, and piston assembly upgrades are just a few of the improvements they are testing right now.

All of this leaves us wondering, will there ever be an end to the horsepower race between the Big Three?  We hope not!

9 thoughts on “Upgrades Coming for 2015 6.7L Ford Powerstroke

  1. well I am hoping you have come out with a new update for my 2012 f250 6.7 lost a throttle file and was forced to update programmer which is a mini max anyhow new update caused a loss in power and fuel economy very unhappy I have a dpf delete if you have an answer please let me know or if you know how I can get my old program back it would be great. thanks hope to hear from you guys soon

  2. I have a 2015 F550 with 180K on it. It has been running fine and then all of a sudden it has started shutting down after the reduced engine power light flashes. It starts right back up and runs fine till the next shutdown. It does this till the low fuel pressure warning comes on and goes into safe mode, after safe mode it will not shut down but runs under reduced power. My Ford dealership is stumped along with Ford. They have replaced all the parts in the fuel system and problem still exists. It is making me crazy… Help!!!!!!!

  3. I have the same issue. My 2015 F350nPlatnum has 20k miles on it and I am in the shop for the 3rd time. Ford replaced my fuel pump and filters and it still fails. Im about ready for the lemon law with one more failure.

    1. I hear ya, mine is a 2015 f250 lariat powerstroke 6.7. Have shown ford my phone videos of what sounds like an engine ready to blow up. Sometimes there is complete powerloss and sometimes its just a very loud noise of mechanical rattle under the hood. No computer codes, no engine lights, nothing. Only has 6k miles on it. Their advice is to run it till it blows the engine then they will replace it. Well i didnt spend 57 thousand effin dollars to blow the engine out so i can get a new crate motor! Lemon law is looking good at this point. I just want my truck so i can continue on my path.


  4. Mine is in the shop again for the second time with the same issue. Now they are looking in the fuel tank to check for the little cardboard caps that sometimes get dumped into the tank when you add the fuel additive that Ford recommends. Guess we will wait in see.

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  6. My Ford F 350 with a 6.7 diesel engine it will not pass emission test and it says o two sensors both of them, I have driven the truck 40 miles to get the engine hot ran to the inspection station and it failed and now it is the next month, I have the truck at ford again and the o two sensors show ok this is my 6th ford diesel and this truck more time at ford than all the rest of the other truck I have had, the complete exhaust system has been changed, problem with def system fan clutch, if this truck wont pass inspection I am going to get it lemon law it is costing me money every time the truck goes to ford the truck has 13256 miles on the truck.

  7. I’ve had an 08 6.4l since 2014 . One month after
    I bought it the entire fuel system had to be replaced. That put my $23000,00 truck up to $37000,00. I could have bought a nice truck for that. Just bye a Cummins and shove it in your old ford truck.

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