Power Products Unlimited 2014 Calendar Featuring Company and Customer Vehicles

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After years of staring at other company’s calendars throughout the year, knowing we had just as good, if not better, pictures to ogle at each month, we’ve finally decided to publish our own.  This calendar will be ready in time for holiday purchases and will feature a full year’s worth of awesome images to keep you going throughout 2014.  As this calendar will be for all of Power Products Unlimited, Inc., images may reflect Diesel Power Products, Offroad Power Products, Towing Power Products, Big Rig Power Products, and even Fuel Bomb.  We’ve also decided to open up five of the twelve months to submissions from YOU!  That’s right, we will choose seven of our own in-house photos, but we want to see what you have to offer!  As previously stated, we want to see pictures of your Cummins, or your Land Cruiser, or your Kenworth, heck, even your International Harvester, whatever image you’ve got that is applicable and worthy to be in the first edition of the Power Products Unlimited Calendar.  Once we’ve received enough entries, we will slowly and deliberately determine the “winners” (i.e. find the coolest images in the stack) and publish those images in the calendar.  Entrants must submit images to [email protected] no later than November 25th, 2013, and images must be of high quality (6 megapixel or greater, 10MP+ highly recommended).  Please remember, these calendars are to show off your vehicle, so we are going to be looking for quality images with a good backdrop that properly reflects the vehicle’s use. With your submission, please also send your name, contact information in case we need to reach you, the make and model of your vehicle, as well as modifications done to the vehicle.

5 thoughts on “Power Products Unlimited 2014 Calendar Featuring Company and Customer Vehicles

  1. I am Matt from Laramie WYO. I have an 08 ford 450 with custom exhaust, programmer, and smoked lighting. It is a beautiful truck and I would love to see it in your Magazine.

  2. I would like to receive your calender and would some day like to put my 99 f350 its just not the appearance your looking for yet. I have a edge products diesel tuner, five inch exhaust, banks coldest intake w/ 33″ tires and thinking about a Garrett ball bearing turbo soon, and updated commercial truck transmission put in by Ford dealer. The outside looks clean and stock without dents 14 years old and going.
    I would like more information about the hellfire additive for diesels. My 7.3 runs out nicely and wouldn’t want to wrack my OE injectors.

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