Aftermarket Oil Additives Controversy

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As you know, an oil additive is a very effective method for improving the base oil in your diesel truck.  A lot of base oils today have low sulfur diesel fuel, and over time they require a little help.

The enhancement that oil additives can provide is incredible.  Improvements from using oil additives includes increased fuel storage life, increased engine peformance, reduced engine emmission, and better water separation.  And the list continues.

The types of oil additives are extensive, from rust inhibiting oil additives to extreme pressure additives.  Each different oil additive type serves a different purpose.

There is quite a bit of controversy over the use of aftermarket oil additives.  Many diesel truck drivers advocate the use of aftermarket oil additives, while others say it isn’t worth the money.

Thanks to online research, you can see the variety of opinions.  It appears as though the difference can only be determined by those who try aftermarket oil additives for themselves.

We at diesel have our own beliefs, which we decided upon when Rev-X aftermarket oil additives proved successful in our engines.  But we encourage all of our diesel truck friends to try it for themselves!  Report back to us what you find!

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