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We, at Diesel Power Products, have an insane passion for diesels.  For us, its not necessarily about building the fastest truck in the quarter mile, or one to out pull everyone in the 3.0 sledpull class, or even the ultimate offroad rig.  Rather, its about building a well-rounded vehicle that can do everything, and do it well.  Whether its towing your 5th wheel, getting to your favorite hunting spot, or just commuting to work, there is a multitude of aftermarket components that can make your Ram better equipped to handle the rigors of anything you can throw at it.  We constantly strive to seek out these kits and components, whether it be engine, transmission, suspension, or basically anything that can make an already impressive truck even more so.

In this unending quest, we discovered American Expedition Vehicles several years ago that had begun expanding its very impressive offerings for Jeep Wrangler JK’s to Heavy Duty Rams.  AEV has been well known in the Jeep market for years by offering upgrades that are at least as highly engineered as original equipment, but better served for offroad use.  And with their expansion into the Rams, they definitely peaked our interest.  After several years of communication with the AEV team, we are proud to announce that we are now an authorized American Expedition Vehicles distributor, providing you with a superior line of suspension, bumper, air intake, and wheel upgrades.

To kick off our new found relationship with AEV, we invited them over to our stomping grounds for a little product testing and training with two of their vehicles that are obviously equipped with the full gamut of AEV products.  It was truly quite impressive what these trucks are capable of, yet still completely retain their stock street manners.  Check out the video below to check it out for yourself!


Click the below image to check out the full video covering our day of playing with the AEV Rams!AEV Press Release

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