Bully Dog Ego Boost at SEMA 2011

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Bully Dog has taken on another awesome challenge.  The company is doing aftermarket tuning for the 2011 Ford 3.5L Twin Turbo Eco Boost.

Calling the truck Ego Boost, Bully Dog will be showing the fixed-up truck at the 2011 SEMA Show on November 1st.

The Bully Dog Ego Boost will have an interactive display station that controls 2 HDTVs.  These tvs rise out of the top of the custom-made A.R.E. shell.

More?  Each side of the truck will include recessed sections that will show off even more Bully Dog products like the Rapid Flow Cold Air Intakes and Heavy Duty Exhaust Manifolds.  Also, the entire contents of the truck bed and camper shell can be detached (with a forklift!).  The point of this is to allow the Bully Dog truck to instantly become a display truck.

Bully Dog has gotten everyone onboard with sponsoring this epic truck:  Stacey’s Paint and Polish, Ready Lift, Falken, A.R.E, Nexus 21, Anzo,T-Rex, Sony, AMP Research Power Steps, and more.  With these sponsorships, the Bully Dog Ego Boost is bound to be incredible.

Check back in November to hear how the Bully Dog Ego Boost did at SEMA 2011!

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