Chevy 2013 Heavy Duty Pickups Have Pricey Bi-Fuel Option

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2013 Chevy Silverado
If you’re interested in a new bi-fuel (gasoline and compressed natural gas) pickup, be ready to drop some extra dough.

GM’s Chevy 2013 Sierra HD pickup and Silverado HD pickup with the bi-fuel option are said to cost an extra $11,000. That’s on top of the approximately $32,000 you’d be spending anyway.

GM reminds customers that using CNG will save drivers somewhere between $5,000 and $10,000 over the first 3 years of owning the trucks. A gallon of CNG is now less than $2.00, compared to current gasoline costs of around $4.00 If gas prices continue to skyrocket, the truck could be worth your while.

GM says the Chevy pickup trucks have a 6 liter Vortec V8 engine that moves between gasoline and CNS.

So, spending an extra $11,000 on a bi-fuel heavy duty pickup will end up being cost effective if the car lasts at least a few years.

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