Diesel Power Products is now a Dipaco/D-Tech Dealer

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Diesel Power Products is proud to announce that we are now an authorized DiPaco/D-Tech dealer.  DiPaco is a manufacturer and remanufacturer of quality replacement fuel injection components for Ford, GM, and Dodge diesels.  Whether you’re in need of a CP3 injection pump for your Cummins, or a PMD for your 6.5L GM, DiPaco carries nearly all of the components to get you back on the road.  And as always, DiPaco parts are proudly made in the USA!  On top of all this, we at Diesel Power Products have recently started a new program that will help make many DiPaco parts, or really any parts we sell that have an associated core charge, more affordable to YOU!  We are now giving you the ability to defer all core charges, so you don’t have to pay for them up front.  You have twenty-one days from the day you receive your part, to get your core back in the mail to us as part of this program to avoid any subsequent charges.

To see our lineup of Dipaco Injectors and fuel related parts click here.

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