Diesel Power Products is Proud to Support Made In The USA Parts and Manufacturers

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Made in the USA, I don’t know about you, but those four little words bring chills down my back. In a global economy like we live in today, where it’s all about outsourcing for the best deal possible, it’s pretty rare to look on the tag of your t-shirt or the warranty card of your new stereo equipment and see the term “Made in the USA.” Unfortunately, as we’re all looking to increase profit margins while competing with products being imported from overseas, we are literally cutting jobs right from our neighbors and wondering why the economy is doing so poorly. And this all goes without saying of the quality (or lack thereof) that is typical from imported products. The Made in the USA theme has always been an important one in the minds of most Americans, but becoming even more prevalent GIVEN OUR CURRENT ECONOMIC STATE. We are finding ourselves on one side or the other of a proverbial fence: one side that represents a global economy highlighting equality, the other side representing a more pride-enriched, self-regarding approach.


We are taking the side of the pride-enriched, self-regarding approach. Whether it’s during election season or not, putting faith in your fellow Americans to build the best products on the planet using the best possible materials is the mentality we ALL need to have. We recently posed a question on our Facebook to determine the propensity of our followers to spend a little more for made in America products. The outcome was overwhelming…..100% toward American made products. And stemming from this mentality, we at Power Products Unlimited, Inc. are starting a campaign to showcase those products and manufacturers that are…..MADE IN THE USA! You will begin to see deliberately posted MADE IN THE USA stamps over products or manufacturers that are proudly made in America on our website, Facebook, and pertinent blog posts. So, keep an eye out for these stamps, and if you care, purchase items proudly MADE IN AMERICA!

2 thoughts on “Diesel Power Products is Proud to Support Made In The USA Parts and Manufacturers

  1. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars more on products because they say Made In The USA and personally think that anyone out there that has the opportunity to do so should. Those couple of dollars could mean the difference of a family members job or worst case your job.

  2. I would rather spend alot more money to get AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS. Everything on my truck was made in the USA except for the MBRP exhaust, which came from our neighbors in CANADA. My mom was recently a victum of the recession when President Obama give her sewing job making shirts for our military to the prisoners. When is this Country going to wake up if we lose jobs then the Government is loosing TAX PAYERS? Maybe we should make products with labels that say made in China and export them to the Chinese. If you look at the work sent overseas and the conditions these people work in, it is nothing more than exporting SLAVERY into another Country. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Really

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