Diesel Trucks and Gas Prices – How to Conserve

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If you drive a diesel truck, you might be wondering how to save gas and money during these high gas prices. Here are a few easy ideas for saving gas.

Keep your tires inflated. Not only that, consider inflating your tires 2 to 4 psi above the recommend amount. Popular Mechanics states that cars using higher than normal pressure in their tires save .005mpg of gas mileage. Sure, this may not sound like much. But when many miles are added up, one will notice a difference.

Easy on your brakes! Brakes are incredibly wasteful on gas mileage, not to mention on brake accuracy. Instead of using that heavy foot on your diesel vehicle, consider rolling stops and slower speeds.

A beneficial tip all around – keep your car in tune. CRDi diesel engines don’t require a lot of maintenance, due to the lack of spark plugs. However, a regular oil change is beneficial to every type of engine. When was the last time you took your diesel truck in for a general check-up? Make sure you get your alignment checked as well.

If you have the talent, install dual exhausts in your diesel truck. This will free up the exhaust flow, improving your gas mileage. Plus, it just looks cool.

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