Diesel Trucks – The Pros

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Due to their limited availability in the United States, not everyone hears about the positives of diesel powered trucks and cars.  Here are the facts.
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  • Diesel engines are getting cleaner.  This clean fuel with lower sulfur content used more and more frequently in vehicles.
  • Believe it or not, passenger vehicles that use diesel power are fuel efficient.  Diesel trucks offer 20 to 30 percent better fuel economy than gasoline trucks.  The reason is that diesel fuel contains more usable energy.
  • Diesel models offer better torque than most gasoline engines.  Therefore, modern diesel cars are quicker from a starting point.
  • Diesel powered vehicles are generally cheaper than hybrids.
  • Let’s try towing.  Diesel vehicles can tow a much heavier load than a similar gas engine.
  • Ignition tune-ups are non-existent on diesel vehicles.  No spark plugs, no distributors.
  • Gas-powered vehicles don’t go as long as diesel vehicles before repairs.

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