EcoDual Bi-Fuel Conversion Systems for Cummins

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One provider of bi-fuel conversion systems for diesel trucks, known as EcoDual, LLC, has begun installing its products on some older Cummins ISX engines. EcoDual is a leading provider of dual fuel conversion systems for heavy duty diesel trucks.

Now that it has gained approval by the United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the EcoDual conversion kit will be added to 2004-2009 Cummins pickup trucks. This technology allows these diesel engines to convert their systems to operate on 85% natural gas. The technology also allows the diesel trucks to maintain full torque and power with no loss of MPG.

If the truck runs out of natural gas, it will automatically switch operation to only diesel fuel.

Of course, this EcoDual bi-fuel conversion to diesel fuel and natural fuel will mean tremendous savings on fuel costs. At the present, the 15L Cummins ISX engine runs in over 1 million trucks.

The market for natural gas trucks is constantly expanding. Now that the regulations for natural gas engines have been streamlined by the EPA, businesses in America can roll out their existent cost-effective technology solutions.

One category of the “Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Engine Conversions” (CAFC) rule only related to heavy duty engines that are older, or “Outside Useful Life” (OUL). This refers to all heavy duty diesels with over 22,000 hours of operation, 10 years, or 435,000 miles. It was through this rule that EcoDual, LLC, managed to meet compliance with the EPA.

A spokesperson for EcoDual, LLC, even believes that the dual fuel system costs can be made up within one year of operation. This is external from government incentives of any kind.

By next year, EcoDual is said to be releasing systems for newer trucks as well.

6 thoughts on “EcoDual Bi-Fuel Conversion Systems for Cummins

  1. Great to hear this. About time. I live in a small communty in no. ca and the bus line uses Natural gas for a few years. Tell the anointed one to get his head out off his ass ! Have a great day !

  2. I’am interested in your bio-fuel conversion system how much does it cost and how might I get more information about it.

    Thank You
    Jacob Gerratt

    1. Hi Jacob,
      We do not have any connection with EcoDual. This is our blog where we share new diesel products and ideas for the diesel community. Feel free to contact EcoDual on your own.
      I see their website url is
      If you are interested in Big Rig parts, we sell all of our big rig parts on . Big Rig is a newer venture for us. It is constantly growing. If there is a specific part that you want to see, contact us. Down the road we might offer EcoDual parts, but right now we do not have any plans to do so. Good luck!

  3. Eco Dual is at the present time going out of business. Its investors have all said they are not going to throw money down a black hole. Employees have all been let go and have not been paid. Another one bites the dust!

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