Nissan Joining Forces with Cummins? – WHAT!?

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You read that right, Nissan has joined forces with the infamous Cummins for an upcoming release that will blow the market away.  For what Nissan is calling the next generation Titan, there will be an available option for a Cummins 5.0L V8 option.  This news sent a tsunami through the industry as it will be only the second light duty diesel truck in recent years, and the first with a V8 diesel.  The 5.0L Cummins is slated to produce a whopping 300HP and 550 lb.-ft. of torque, in comparison to the first recent light duty diesel Ram V6 at 240HP and 420 lb.-ft. of torque.

Exact release dates for this new generation Titan are still under wraps for the time being, but we are expecting this to be a 2015 model.  For current diesel owners that don’t need the hauling capacity and their ¾ ton and 1 ton trucks, this is a huge welcome, and we feel that this will also bring many new diesel purchasers to the market.

5 thoughts on “Nissan Joining Forces with Cummins? – WHAT!?

    1. FYI: Nissan Titans are built in USA in Canton, Mississippi.
      Rams are built in: Warren, Michigan or Saltillo, Mexico.
      Most Japanese companies build their cars in the US unless the cars are very expensive/high end, then they build them in Japan.

      1. Don’t confuse assembly with manufacturing. A lot of auto makers, American and Japanese, assemble their vehicles in the US but they aren’t made in the US. The parts are made in different parts of the world….basically from whomever can make the cheapest parts because its all about the bottom dollar.

        1. John, you said a mouthful there. Offshore parts, you are 100% right. My story is about a 6.5l GM turbo diesel. Blew a head gasket, tore engine down, of course every casting is cracked, standard process. Started looking for a block, found on the net an engine block brand new for $200.00 in china, same factory that builds for GM. GM wanted 4 G’s for the same block. Look who is sticking it to the consumer, I guess they think we are all dumb… Being from a past of racing, if you added about 2 bucks worth of nickel to an engine block casting, it would not wear out and crack easily…ah but the bean counters want you to pay for more repairs and parts..

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