SEMA Show 2018 Recap

Diesel Events, SEMA

We’re back from a wonderful week of SEMA 2018! We make the trek every year to check out all the amazing projects and products coming to market next year—not just because we want to find the best parts to carry for you; We love attending the greatest automotive show in the world! There is a little bit of something for everyone at the SEMA show, and every year follows the current trends or themes that are popular in the automotive world. This year, the overlanders were in full effect! From brand new 1-ton massive houses on wheels to retrofitted International Scouts with rooftop tents, the outdoor adventure crowd has been having a big impact on the way that 4x4s are built lately. Retro builds are hot right now, too. Even new vehicles are getting retro treatments to make them look like they’re from a decades-earlier era.

We also saw a few trends we didn’t necessarily care for: The rubber band tires around giant wheels were on too many trucks. And of course, there are always the ones getting pushed in and out of the show b/c they only look like they work. But the majority of the vehicular artwork was beautifully assembled, brilliantly thought out, and showed off the work of the best of the best builders that the automotive industry has to offer!

And since SEMA is still officially closed to the public, we found some of our favorite parts and projects to share with you!

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