Valair vs South Bend: Which Clutch is Better?

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One of the big rivalries in the Diesel world is between Valair clutches and South Bend clutches.South Bend Clutch
Diesel truck drivers have good and bad things to say about both.

South Bend has been building Light duty, medium duty and heavy duty clutches for many years.

The competition between Valair and South Bend can almost be compared to that between PC and Mac computers.

Valair manufactures less expensive clutches which are rumored to be just as good as Valair logo
South Bend
(like PC computers).  But “people just have this thing for the SB” as one Diesel forum blogger says (Mac users to a T).  Perhaps the higher price gives South Bend clutches the impression of being superior?  Or perhaps they really are?

What do YOU think?  Which clutch do you use, and why?

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