Want to get MORE POWER and BETTER FUEL ECONOMY out of your Ford Powerstroke?

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Here at Diesel Power Products, we love hearing from our customers after they purchase products from our online diesel performance parts and accessories store. We want to hear how our products affected your vehicle along with any other comments or suggestions you have for our staff.

Now, on to the point of this post – How you can get more power and better fuel economy out of your 2008 – 2010 Ford Powerstroke.

Here’s how:

Start with our FLO~PRO 4″ Downpipe Back Exhaust (follow link for more details) and add to that, one of our H&S XRT PRO Tuners. This exact application is what prompted one of our Ford Powerstroke customers to write in and say:

Hi Bryan,

Just wanted to let you know that I installed the exhaust system on my F-350 and to see that I’m pleased would be an understatement!!!  I’m absolutely delighted, as my truck now has a ton more power, but my fuel economy has increased dramatically.  Right after I installed the system, I hauled my 24’ cargo trailer containing a car, two motorcycles, a scooter, tools, etc. from Edmonton to Kelowna and averaged 17 litres/100 km fuel consumption pulling through the mountains.  Generally, I’d be burning nearly double that amount!!

Empty, I can set my cruise control at 120 kph (75 mph) and get 10-11 litres/100 km (21 mpg).  In the city, my fuel consumption has also increased a chunk.  Of course, with the standard extra hp and torque I’ve got (and the traction control turned off), I can smoke the hides off my back tires, haha!

Well, thanks again Bryan and I’ll keep you posted as time goes on.  I expect to sell a few of these systems for you as I have friends with the same truck and the same squawks and talk with others when gassing up, etc.  Say hi to Hammond and Turner for me.


Wayne Evenson
Edmonton, AB

Want to find out more about these specific products and how they can be applied to your diesel truck? Below are the exact products referenced in the above review as well as links to their pages on our Diesel Power Products store.

Products Referenced in this Blog Post:

FLO~PRO 4″ Downpipe Back Exhaust (WITH MUFFLER) 08-10 6.4L Ford Powerstroke (click link for product page)

H&S XRT PRO Tuner 08-10 6.4L Ford Powerstroke 109005 (click link for product page)

Have you purchased products from us in the past? Want to share your stories with us? We encourage you to email your success stories to [email protected] and we will feature your review for other diesel enthusiasts to read!

3 thoughts on “Want to get MORE POWER and BETTER FUEL ECONOMY out of your Ford Powerstroke?

  1. I have a 2005 F250 6.0 that hydrolocked. I found a bad EGR cooler and have removed everything done to the heads with the exception of the high pressure oil pump. When the truck broke down, it sat for 8 months before I pulled it into the shop.
    I tore down the turbo to find it had water in it for some time. What would cause this?? Please help me out! By the way I paid Ford over $2200 to rebuild the high pressure oil pump about 3 years ago. Should I rebuild now as well??



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