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If you're looking for a great sounding replacement muffler, we've had great luck with these inexpensive mufflers from Diamond Eye. They are available in several configurations, so please choose which ... read more

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If you're looking for a great sounding replacement muffler, we've had great luck with these inexpensive mufflers from Diamond Eye. They are available in several configurations, so please choose which model will suit your truck best. Whether you've got a 4" system and want the loudest bark you can, but aren't after a straight pipe, Diamond Eye's got it. Or maybe you're running a 5" system and want to eliminate as much sound and drone as possible, easy, throw a 5" Big Dog Quiet Tone at it.


  • ManufacturerDiamond Eye Performance
  • MPN470050 | 460005 | 460031 | 460033 | 560020 | 570050 | 560031A | 800464 | 800465


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Verified Buyer
Very Satisfied: 2007 Dodge 5.9
Purchased the 4"x30" stainless louver, these guys must have Santa himself working in shipping, because it was less than 24 hrs and I was installing the muffler! sounds great, quiet just cruising but nice and loud when getting on the pedal. Easy to install.
Store Reply
Santa loves great sounding trucks too. Glad you are happy with the muffler!
Verified Buyer
Very satisfied
Talk about stealth mode!! From straight pipe to this muffler was a complete almost back to stock change for my truck!!! Shipped to me very fast, great service an the perfect sleeper sound!!! Doesn’t sound like 620 hp but still runs just as strong. If this is causing back pressure I can’t tell!!! Very satisfied!!
Store Reply
Right on Lance! Thank you for the useful information and your review. This muffler is a fan favorite for the exact reasons you stated. Nothing like whooping up on an import, while still being able to listen to talk radio. -Ben
Verified Buyer
Nice product
It fit my dump truck perfectly and quietened it down with a good sound.
Store Reply
Happy to hear this muffler worked well for you! Thanks for your order and your review! -Ben
Verified Buyer
Amazing muffler and DPP shipped it out very quickly.
I had high hopes for this muffler. It easily met and exceeded them. It makes my 15 2500 sound as close to stock as I've ever heard. Super easy install.
Quick shipping and great product
Quick shipping and great product
well made, easy to install
well made, easy to install
Verified Buyer
Verified Buyer
Really made a difference. Strait pipe was to loud.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. Diamond Eye has a great muffler selection that are built well and help knock out the drone and excessive noise, especially coming from straight pipe.
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what is the diameter if 460020?

This item should have a 8"" case size.


This come with clamps to just bolt on to exhaust or will it need welded??

The muffler itself will not come with clamps. Those can be purchased separately This muffler can also be welded in place.-TL


I have a 4 inch mbrp .with a 30 inch muffler end to end the muffler it self is only 16 inches. I would like a quitter on.what do I need?

If you have a lot of room you could look at the Diamond eye big dog muffler. Or for the same size but quieter I would do the DE-460033 Louvered muffler. DppSands


Got a '15 Ram, CCLB, 5" Flo-Pro w/o muffler. I'm looking for the quietest muffler possible. Is this 5x51 Diamond Eye my best option??

Yes, the Big Dog Quiet Tone muffler is the quietest muffler that will not hinder performance. PN: DE-800465 -Ben


Will the 5”x 30” muffler quite down the exhaust sound??

Yes, this will help reduce exhaust sound. -Ben


I'm looking to add the muffler to the 4" aluminized straight pipe system I purchased from you a few months ago, is the 4"×20" the muffler that comes with that system if ordered with a muffler originally? Or is it the 4"×30"? Thank you?

I believe it depends on the system. You can measure the muffler delete pipe and see how long it is. Worst case if you order the 30in long muffler you will have to cut some off. -Sands


Will this fit my 2017 6.7 and installation is just swaping our mufflers? Thanks!?

Depends on if you currently have a muffler. The factory trucks did not have a muffler. If you have an aftermarket exhaust system with a muffler as long as it is the same length it will swap right in. -Sands


Which muffler will give me a louder noise and deeper tone??

Not sure what we are comparing it to? The 20in long mufflers are going to be the loudest as they have the least amount of sound deadening. -Sands


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Diamond Eye Performance Diesel Mufflers

Diamond Eye Performance Diesel Mufflers

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