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SKU #: FPE-TL-LB7-Main Fleece Allison Transmission Cooler Lines 01-10 Duramax

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    • 2001-2010 6.6L GM Duramax
    • Allison Automatic Transmission
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Fix your leaking transmission lines with these heavy duty, high flow, flexible transmission lines. This kit comes complete with everything needed to get the job done right the first time. Please sele ... read more

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Fix your leaking transmission lines with these heavy duty, high flow, flexible transmission lines. This kit comes complete with everything needed to get the job done right the first time.

Please select your proper model year designation, as well as if you currently have an aftermarket radiator. For those running an aftermarket radiator, we will supply (2) Setrab fittings for proper fitment.


  • ManufacturerFleece Performance Engineering
WARNING: CANCER AND REPRODUCTIVE HARM www.P65Warnings.ca.gov Cancer and reproductive harm
  • Transmission Lines
  • (6) 7/8"-14 O-ring to -10AN fittings
  • (2) 3/4"-16 O-ring to -10AN fittings (LB7-LLY kit only)
  • (4) Black Zip Ties
  • (2)Concave washers


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Great quality but...
Great quality hoses and fittings, but it would be nice if it described if you have a stock radiator or not better and how to tell the difference. Once I went to install them, not knowing if I had a stock radiator (because I bought the truck used). I needed the aftermarket radiator fittings and now my truck is down for a week waiting for the setrab fittings. A word of the wise for future buyers, look at the trans fitting on your radiator and if it has a large nut against the plastic of the radiator, it's aftermarket! See the photo
Store Reply
Thanks for your review and purchase with Diesel Power Products! Thank you for that information. Glad to hear we were able get that going for you.
Nice parts. Longest hose could be longer.
Nice parts. Longest hose could be longer.
Verified Buyer
You need these
If you have an Allison, you need these lines. Mine's got 192k on her and started to heat up over 200 under load. Put these lines in, and my trans hasn't gone over 160 since. Easy install, and worth every penny.
Verified Buyer
I would buy again and recommend to anyone.
Purchased these to replace leaking factory lines. Great product, very durable. My Allison transmission is running about 6-10 degrees cooler now. The lines fit perfect. The instructions were lacking a little I felt. Wish they would have included what all need to be removed and best route for the lines. Besides the instructions, the lines and connections are above what I was expecting. Plus, the free coozy was unexpected.
Verified Buyer
Your Fleece hoses are great and easy to work with .
I would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again for this product. A life saver.
Verified Buyer
Best diesel product I have purchased ,Thank you
Great product. Should of done this research a long time ago !
Verified Buyer
Must have once your cooler lines start to leak
I purchased these cooler lines after I found a puddle of trans fluid under my LBZ. These lines look and feel tough. The lines took about 2-3 hours to install and most of that time is spent getting the old lines out. These are a must have when your factory cooler lines inevitably start to leak.
Verified Buyer
I will use this as a replacement for our entire fleet
use these cooler lines to replace the stock ones that always leak!
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. Fleece really did an excellent job with this kit to eliminate the notoriously leaking lines on the 01-10 Allisons.
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Are those the full hoses from the tranny to the rad and to the cooler???

Yes it is a full hose kit. Trans to rad, rad to cooler, and cooler back to trans.


What size is the male fitting on this hose that connects into the transmission cooler??

It depends on what truck they are going on. Some LB7-LLY's use a different size then the LBZ and LMM trucks. Which truck are they being installed on?


Hi I have an 08 duramax my trans has quick connect fitting on all the lines where they go into the cooler, rad, and trans. so my question is how does this kit work. do I have to take out all the quick connect fittings and replace them with different fittings?? Are they supplied in the kit I don't wanna buy the kit until I know it will be a almost bolt in component thanks?

These will replace the factory quick connect lines with AN style fittings. Everything needed is included in the kit.


I have a 2001 Silverado with the 8.1liter, will this work?

They will not.


I want to use a PPE transmission cooler #1240620 in my 2003 2500hd duramax. This particular one is for a 2006 to 2010 duramax. Do you have a kit that will help me retro-fit this cooler to my truck??

We currently do not have a kit to work that way no.


I have a 2007 Motorhome on a 5500 Kodiak chassis. My tranny lines just started leaking. does this hose kit work on this chassis? Thanks?

We have no way to confirm on that application, i would recommend to cross reference to standard pickup lines.


I have a 2007 Duramax/Allison 2500 HD classic. I want to ensure that the 2006 to 2010 unit will fit . Is this correct??

Yes that would be the correct application. Just need to be sure if it has a factory radiator or aftermarket.


I need transmission cooler lines for 1990 international school bus with a 545 trans and a 7.3 engine, do you have something in stock that will fit it?

No we have anything for that application.

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Fleece Allison Transmission Cooler Lines 01-10 Duramax

Fleece Allison Transmission Cooler Lines 01-10 Duramax

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