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The EFR 9180 is the biggest, baddest turbo in the EFR family, capable as a standalone charger of power levels up 1000 RWHP. The 91mm OD compressor has a 67.7mm inducer at 94lb/min max flow - supportin ... read more

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The EFR 9180 is the biggest, baddest turbo in the EFR family, capable as a standalone charger of power levels up 1000 RWHP. The 91mm OD compressor has a 67.7mm inducer at 94lb/min max flow - supporting up to 1000hp with a very large map width for outstanding power potential, even at high boost. The 9180 is ideal for those wanting to maintain a single turbo in the higher power levels creeping up to the four digit horsepower mark, or used in a twin turbo application for those over four digits. Water cooling is highly recommended.

This turbo is NOT vehicle specific! Thus, you will have to make provisions for installing it into your particular application. If you have any questions regarding what would be involved, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why EFR and what makes the EFR Turbo so special?

BorgWarner did their research when they designed this turbocharger design. The EFR turbo is not one great technology but many put together in one package.

  • Gamma-Ti Turbine wheel: BorgWarner says that the EFR's turbine wheel is "the most exciting technology"of the EFR system. BorgWarner chose to use a newer exotic metal for the Turbine wheel, it is called Titanium Aluminide(Gamma-Ti), and it is very trick. This metal is a compound that mixes the best qualities of both metals and gives the wheel higher temperature capabilities over either metal alone. On top of that, it is much stronger then aluminum. Another big point is that it is about 1/2 the weight of a normal turbine wheel, this really reduces the inertia which is very noticeable on wheels larger then 64mm.
  • Ball Bearing: The next most talked about part of the EFR system is BorgWarner's new advanced ceramic Ball Bearing cartridge system. They designed the new cartridge system to be superior to all other ball bearing systems and journal bearings. It is well known that when a turbo is at the top end, there is very little difference between a journal bearing and ball bearing turbo, but the ball bearing will get you to the max much faster. With the EFR turbo, you will feel the much more instant turbo spool feel. One other great feature of this cartridge design is if you do have a failure, the cartridge holds the oil so you can get home even if you blew your turbo. If you are using it for a work truck that might be doing hundreds of miles in a day, this might be an indispensable feature.
  • Turbine Housing: The housing is not just there to look pretty, BorgWarner has designed it to be functional first. They used a 300 series stainless steel to make it extra resistant to heat and corrosion. The casting process is investment casting which yields a like machine finish on the inside and out, reducing gas friction losses on the inside and causing envy by anyone who looks at your engine bay. The Turbine housing can be polished or left as is. After heat cycling, it has a nice finished color without polishing.
  • Integrating the BOV and Wastegate for maximum efficiency: BorgWarner does not understand why people want to overcomplicate their turbo charging system by adding a external blow off valve, boost control solenoid and wastegate. Not only does it add cost but it also requires additional packaging requirements that a lot of engine bays can't support, this is why the EFR turbo has all of these already incorporated into the design. the CRV (compressor recirculation valve) vents the boost quickly back into the system instead of wasting it in the atmosphere and keeping the turbo speed high. The Boost Control Solenoid Valve (BCSV) will easily allow you to dial in the boost you want instead of using an aftermarket solution.

Why EFR & Diesel? The EFR turbo is a very versatile turbo as you might have got by reading so far. This is why we chose to use it on our race truck for the Baja 1000. These turbos are completely different than the normal single or twin setups found on modern diesel trucks. The EFR is much more raw and mean. What we mean by this is that 20 lbs of boost on a triple EFR setup feels more aggressive in our Ram 3500 than our previous 909 horsepower twin setup that was running 70-100lbs of boost. How is this possible, you may ask? Well, it is rather simple, the EFR turbos are much more modern as you saw in the Why EFR tab, the EFR spools up to 2x faster and simply gives you much more power all the time. Instead of spooling a huge turbo in a big twin system, all that energy/power is instantly going to your wheels. So with the EFR, you have 4 decisions to make: Single, parallel twins, parallel triple turbos, or mixed/other. For the majority of our customers we would probably recommend a Parallel twin setup for the best benefits with a lower cost of build than a triple setup.

Our Recommended Setups

Single Turbo: The single turbo system is the simplest option for anyone looking for more power to upgrade from a stock or other non-EFR turbo. For a diesel truck we have three recommended turbos that should fit most customers needs.

EFR 7670 EFR 8374 EFR 9180
Recommended Power Rating 375-600 HP 475-750 HP 600-1000 HP
Recommended Use Perfect for improved responsiveness, fuel economy and towing use. Great for a street/ Drag Strip truck. This is a drag strip turbo, it will not be a great daily driver due to its turbo lag.
Required Modifications Mild Programmer
40HP Nozzles
Wild Programmer
90 HP Injectors
Wild Programmer
125 HP Injectors
MAX Turbo Pressure 35-40 PS 35-45 PSI< 40-50 PSI

Triple Turbos(Parallel): The Parallel triple setup is our favorite way to use the EFR turbos. Using 3 6258's on our Baja 1000 truck, we have had the most fun we have ever had in a diesel truck. This system is the best of all worlds, because we are using small frame turbos, they spool up almost instantly, and because we are using 3, we have a maximum power rating of around 1200 HP! At 20lbs of boost, the truck seemed much more violent and powerful than the previous 909 HP twin setup. They also sound unlike anything we have ever heard before, the sound is like a small pack of squirrels are caught inside the turbos screaming to get out.

We have two recommendations for a Triple setup:

EFR 6255 EFR 6258
Recommended Power Rating 200-350 HP Per Turbo ~ 600-1050 HP Combined 225-450 HP Per Turbo ~ 675-1350 HP Combined
Recommended Use Great for a street/ Drag Strip truck. Great for a street/ Drag Strip truck.
Required Modifications Wild Programmer
90+ Injectors
Wild Programmer
90+ HP Injectors
MAX Turbo Pressure 35-40 PSI 35-40 PSI

Mixed/Other Setups(Sequential Twins): You can also use a single EFR turbo with a big secondary turbo to gain the quick spooling characteristics of the EFR.This is another area in which we have not tested any trucks with yet, so we cannot currently recommend this system. Without testing we would recommend currently either the EFR 7670 or EFR 8374 as a solid primary turbo. We would recommend using BorgWarner's AirWerks S400 frame turbo for the big turbo in the system. When we try one of these out, we will update this with new information and recommendations.


Compressor Specifications:
  • Compressor Type: Forged-Milled Wheel (FMW) Extended Tip
  • Compressor Wheel OD (exducer): 91mm
  • Compressor Wheel Inducer: 67.7mm
  • Max Flow Rate: 94 lb/min
  • Built-in BOV: All EFR compressor housings incorporate an integrated BOV.
  • Compressor Housing: 4.0" inlet, 2.5" hose coupler outlet.
Turbine Specifications:
  • Turbine type: Low Inertia Gamma-Ti Turbine Wheel
  • Turbine Wheel OD: 80mm
  • Stainless Steel Investment Cast Housing
  • 1.05 A/R T4 Divided Housing (External Wastegate)
  • Turbine outlet: GT-Vband (aka small 3" vband) ~92mm OD for all EFR turbos

Recommended Accessories:

The following accessories are not included with turbo assemblies, but highly recommended:
  • Speed sensor
  • Turbine outlet V-Band
  • Turbine inlet gasket
  • Oil drain gasket or drain port fitting

Speed Sensor Kit
Part Number 179430
(1) Speed sensor, frequency output
(1) Speed sensor hold-down bolt
***Note: Speed Sensor signal conversion and display accessories can be purchased through us. Road Rage Gages is the manufacturer.

Hardware/Installation Kit
Part Number 179423
(1) Turbine housing outlet V-band clamp
(2) V-band clamp nuts
(6) Water port plug sealing washers
(2) Oil drain flange gaskets
(1) Oil inlet fitting (-4an) w/seal and washer
(1) Compressor cover outlet V-band clamp for 83 91mm
(5) Clamp plate bolts
(1) Turbine inlet gasket for T25 flange
(1) Turbine inlet gasket for T3 flange
(1) Turbine inlet gasket for T4 divided flange
Compressor Recirculation Valve Kit (Turbo comes with CRV, but does not include the block-off plate)
Part Number 179424
(1) CRV plastic cover w/hose nipple
(1) CRV disabling block-off plate
(1) CRV diaphragm/piston assembly
(1) CRV spring
(3) Cover plate bolts w/locking compound

Boost Control Solenoid Valve (BCSV) Kit
(Turbo comes with BCSV)
Part Number 179425
(1) Boost control solenoid valve
(2) BCSV screws
(4) Hose clamps
(1) Compressor cover boost port fitting
(1) Comp cover boost port washer
(1) Wastegate signal hose, 110mm
(1) Wastegate signal hose, 410mm
Wastegate Hose Kit
Part Number 179426
(1) Wastegate signal hose, 410mm
(2) Hose clamps

AEM Tru-Boost Gauge Type Boost Controller Part Number AEM-30-4350 AEM's TRU-BOOST Gauge-Type Controller is an electronic boost controller that combines the simplicity of a manual boost controller with the added ease of adjusting boost levels through a gauge interface. There is no external interface required for set up, and it is fully functional right out of the box.


  • SkuBW-179394
  • ManufacturerBorgWarner
  • MPN179394
  • Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearings - lowest friction and fastest spool/response, most extreme durability, built-in oil control orifice - (aka oil restrictor) **no restrictor can be used with EFR turbos
  • Watercooled Center Section - watercooling is recommended, 14mm banjo bolts
  • Double seals on both turbine and compressor end for extreme durability and resistance to any oil seepage
  • Boost Control Solenoid Valve Integrated to Compressor Housing
  • Integrated Speed Sensor mounting provisions
  • Gamma-Ti turbine wheel
  • Dual ceramic ball bearing assembly with metal cage
  • Forged milled extended tip compressor wheel
  • Stainless steel turbine housing
  • Water cooled bearing housing
  • Large internal wastegate
  • Compressor recirculation valve (a.k.a BOV)
  • Boost control solenoid valve
  • Standard T4 mounting flange
  • 600-1000 HP Power Rating
  • 67.7mm Compressor Wheel/ 80mm Turbine Wheel
  • T-4 Exhaust Flange
  • 1.05 A/R Ratio


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BorgWarner EFR 9180 Turbocharger | T-4 | 1.05 A/R

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