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SKU #: BDS-123408_123409-Main BDS RECOIL Traction Bars 99-16 Ford SuperDuty 4WD SRW

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    • 1999-2016 Ford F-250 / F-350 SuperDuty
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Vehicle Requirements: Four Wheel Drive Single Rear Wheel (Non-Dually) 0-6" of Lift Traditional traction or ladder bars are a great addition for those looking to gain ne ... read more

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Vehicle Requirements:
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Single Rear Wheel (Non-Dually)
  • 0-6" of Lift
Traditional traction or ladder bars are a great addition for those looking to gain needed traction to prevent against axle wrap and wheel hop. However, they also have a negative side effect in which they limit your suspension's ability to articulate, causing a degradation of performance when off road. That has all changed with the RECOIL Traction Bars!

BDS Suspension's RECOIL Traction Bars are a revolutionary spring loaded traction bar system engineered to improve traction and limit axle wrap without negatively affecting suspension travel or ride quality. These next generation RECOIL traction bars offer you the freedom to tune the spring tension for optimal performance on-road, off-road, towing, or competition pulling. These traction bars can be used on stock height or lifted trucks and work with both lift blocks and replacement leaf spring kits. They use a full floating design that won't bind up allowing the full range of wheel travel without limiting articulation.

These RECOIL traction bars are built to the highest standards for the ultimate performance on and off-road. The bars are fabricated from 2" OD x 3/16" wall steel tubing with a threaded bung welded in toward the axle and a CNC machined end at the frame. The axle mount uses the tried and true BDS large forged flex end and jam nut to take whatever abuse you throw at it. Utilizing a forged housing with large 1-1/4" -12 threaded shank, a single sided snap ring and 1-piece flex ball, the flex ends are capable of up to 15-degrees of misalignment in either direction.

At the frame end the bar uses a durometer specific polyurethane bushing and free floats in the traction bar utilizing a pair of dual stage internal compression springs and UHMW polyurethane bearings. Both ends are greaseable and serviceable.

RECOIL Brackets | Vehicle Specific - Fully assembled the RECOIL traction bars are 55" long and mount to the vehicle using fabricated 1/4" steel brackets. Bracket kits are vehicle specific. The frame brackets install by drilling mounting holes for the brackets while the axle brackets install using a set of u-bolts. The traction bars and mounting brackets feature a durable gloss black powdercoat finish.

Adjustable Axle Wrap Control - These RECOIL traction bars are built to the highest standards featuring quick and easy adjustment while installed on the vehicle. To adjust spring tension, use the supplied spanner wrenches at the axle to loosen the jam nut. From there the main bar can be rotated to load or unload the springs at the frame side of the bar. Using the concave end of the wrench handle against the frame end check the location of the end of the main bar in relation to the notches on the wrench to verify the load on the springs, the shorter the distance the more loaded the springs are. Repeat this process on the other traction bar and use the wrenches to tighten down the jam nuts and you are ready to go!

  • Long box models will ONLY fit 2011-2016 model years.


  • ManufacturerBDS Suspension
  • MPN123408+123409 | 123418+123409


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Verified Buyer
I would buy this product again
Tightened up the rear end made it stops
Verified Buyer
Would be nice to try them out
3 weeks, still haven't received them....
Verified Buyer
I would recommend these traction bars to anyone.
Ok, first off the parts deserve a 5 star rating. They high quality and easy to install. That being said, my only gripe was that the directions included with my parts must have been to a different model of pickup. I still used them as a guide but it was basically no help. I would highly recommend these traction bars to anyone driving a rig that starts to hop from axle wrap.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review, BDS definitely did an excellent job with this newer style of traction bar.
Verified Buyer
Yes I would buy these again
These are great traction bars. Great quality and very easy to install.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review and we couldln't agree more. BDS brought to the market what consumers have been asking for, something that will deliver traction and eliminate wheel hop, but not kill your articulation capabilities. Well done BDS!
Verified Buyer
I would purchase again
Very well made and heavy duty product.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. BDS did an excellent job in the execution of these bars to give you the best of both worlds.
Verified Buyer
my sell many
great product cust also love them put on my show truck first so cust can look
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the review. Agreed, the Recoils perform amazingly, but also look killer peeking out from under the truck.
Verified Buyer
Beautiful product
Did the job it was intended to do.Thank you DPP for your speedy delivery and reliable parts!
Store Reply
Thank you for the review and very glad the new traction bars worked well and we could get them to you quickly.

Will this set up work with a 8"" lift??

Only works from 0-6 inches of lift would not work on that 8 inch unfortunately. Give us a call we can go over some other options.


Will this fit a 2016 long bed??



Will this work on a extended cab short bed?

These will fit all cab and bed lengths.


Can these fit in 2002 4X4 Ford EXCURSION???

Those are designed for a F250/F350 trucks. Can't say if it will fit an Excursion. Excursion suspension is standalone from the pickups. I would say no it will not fit. You would probably have to have them custom made or make a universal traction bar kit work.


These are obviously bolt on units, so drilling on the frame will be required. Does any lines, etc have to be removed/relocated to install these? And presumably should I put a lift on at some point the front mounting points will probably have to be moved, correct??

Should not be any drilling required the brackets use existing holes in the frame. Depending on year/model you might have to move some wiring or re-fasten an e-brake cable. For a lift you would need to adjust the length of the traction bar.


Why is the traction bar only designed for 4wd and not 2wd? There's not much if any difference at the rear of any powerstroke 250/350. The reason I'm considering traction bars is because I want the wheel hop to stop in my 99 crew cab long bed f350?

That will fit the 2wd application as well. As long as it is not a Dually.


What size holes (3) each side, do you need to drill in the frame? 2016 f250 BDS recoil bars. V/r?

Hole size will be dependent on the model and location on each truck. We provide a instruction link under the description of the part.


Will this work on a 12 ccsb with a 50 gal. titan fuel tank?

We can not confirm fitment with the titan tank, I would recommend reading the install instructions.

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BDS RECOIL Traction Bars 99-16 Ford SuperDuty 4WD SRW

BDS RECOIL Traction Bars 99-16 Ford SuperDuty 4WD SRW

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