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SKU #: BD-1300611-main BD Xtrude Auxiliary Transmission Cooler 1030606

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    • 1988-2016 Dodge Cummins (47RH/RE,48RE,68RFE)
    • 1983-2016 Ford PowerStroke (4R100,5R110 and E40D)
    • 1991-2000 Chevy Diesel 1991-1999(4L80)
    • 2001-16 GM Duramax Allison 1000


BD's Xtruded Transmission Oil Coolers use the same high efficiency Micro Extruded bar technology that is found in their intercoolers, providing 22% more cooling over other designs. The 200 micro extru ... read more

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BD's Xtruded Transmission Oil Coolers use the same high efficiency Micro Extruded bar technology that is found in their intercoolers, providing 22% more cooling over other designs. The 200 micro extruded passages provide a large surface area in a compact design that allows the transfer of to external air flow cooling, while a turbulent oil flow design promotes a more complete cooling.

Large 5/8" ports prevent restriction and furnace brazed rails have been tested to 300 PSI of pressure. The thermostatically controlled 80-watt, 10 inch, 800 CFM electric fan offers the ultimate in automatic oil temperature control. This combination gives BD's Xtruded Transmission Oil Cooler a rating of 33,930 BTU/HR and in excess of 30,000 GVW!


Years Make Applications Fitting Tube Size
1999-2002 Ford R100 4R100 3/8" Tube
1994-1997 Ford E40D E40D 5/16" Tube
1999-2000 Chevy 4L80 3/8" Tube
1991-1999 Chevy 4L80 5/16" Tube
1993-2012 Dodge(All) 47RH/RE,48RE,68RFE 1/2" Tub
2001-2010 GM Duramax Allison 1000 5/8" Tube
2003-2010 Ford 5R110 5R110 1/2" Tube


  • ManufacturerBD-Power
  • MPN1300611
  • Can be mounted anywhere
  • Electric fan supplies optimum airflow
  • Large capacity tube and fin cooler core
  • 800 CFM 10" dia. reversible Tornado fan
  • Anodized aluminum mounting brackets
  • 16 Pass rated at 30,000 GVW
  • fan control thermostat
  • hose
  • mounting hardware
  • adapter fittings


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Verified Buyer
this product is perfect!!!
Since I installed this, my stock trans gauge has not moved off the pin. I don't even have the fan hooked up and it still keeps my stage five built trans cool as can be.
Def worth the money
Used in my 2008 6.4 CCSB powerstroke F250 on my built 5r110. Keeps rans nice and cool even when under full throttle on beefy race tunes. The brackets included are useful but i ended making my own to be able to mount in the location i wanted. The build quality is amazing, and the included wiring harness is top notch, fused relayed and covered with the plastic wiring shroud top to bottom. I bought all Earls fitting and hose to plumb the cooler, but the included hose is really nice rubber thats 400psi cabable. Great kit for the money, would higly recommend this to anyone needing good cooling on their diesel transmission.
Verified Buyer
All in all good product.
I'm not sure how much it actually helped cool because I put it on the same time I put gauges, and a deeper trans pan on. But I'm sure glad I did because I would hate so see what they got to before I put the second cooler on. Only thing I have a problem with is the plug in for the fan. I could not find the plug and set up for the fan to kick in on a thermostat. So I just manually wired it to a switch that I can turn on and off myself. All in all it's a good product but maybe a little expensive for what it is.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. You're right, without a baseline, its tough to determine whether its actually making an improvement, but from what we've seen when we have independently installed one, or other feedback, it definitely does make an impact in cooling the trans temperature.
Verified Buyer
I hope the cooler works as advertised. Very disappointed in the quality of the sending unit that was sent with it. It broke right away just trying to screw it into the line with my fingers. When I called to get it replaced it was gonna cost me $60 with shipping. The kid was supposed to come with a fuse leave for your fuse box and it did not come with that either. After all that we got it in and I do hope that it works as advertised.
Verified Buyer
Yes I would
Great build quality. Very well packed. The fan pulls a lot of air and is not to loud. But there were no stickers or any information in the box just the cooler. The fan duse not have the bd sticker on it like the shown in the ad. Besides that good so far. (And if you click the no lines it comes with nothing but cooler)The fittings are a -10an if anyone was trying to find out.Have not installed yet will update when Installed
Store Reply
Thanks so much for the detailed review, look forward to updates.
Verified Buyer
Would recommend to friends. Maybe even enemies!
Works great! Haven't seen trans temp over 140! Only con was had to get a little rescouceful with the brackets for mounting as wasn't happy with what they had. All in all great product!
Store Reply
Thank you for the review and glad to hear you were able to get the cooler mounted up. The bracketry they include is a universal system that will leave you to determine best exact location and method.
Verified Buyer
Well made. BD should make a video with installation for those who have not had the privilege of instructors or mentors to teach them mechanics from an early age.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review and recommendation. It looks like there's a few videos online, but nothing by BD themselves. We will make this recommendation to them, thanks again.

Does this cooler mount in the same location as the factory installed transmission cooler??

That is a universal mount cooler. You could mount it up front. Most mount it back towards the transmission on the frame tucked up out of the way.


Does the cooler come with cooler lines? If so how long are they??

These are offered with or without cooler lines. Depending on the application the length will very.


1) Does this Cooler require a new pan with a heat temp sensor in the pan? 2) Do you by pass the current cooler lines in the radiator, or plum the cooler in line with existing fluid line before it enters the transmission while still utilizing the cooling that comes from the radiator.?

It does not require the trans pan no. The cooler at the radiator is no longer used or needed.


Can you mount in factory trans Cooler location??

No, this is much larger and includes new brackets.


Can this be used in place of the factory cooler on an 05? but mounted somewhere else??

Yes, this is designed to be remote mounted.


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BD Xtrude Auxiliary Transmission Cooler 1030606

BD Xtrude Auxiliary Transmission Cooler 1030606

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