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WARN is truly a household name in the off-road industry. Whether we're talking about their roots of being the first to manufacture and market locking hubs or the first to offer a recreational use winc ... read more

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WARN is truly a household name in the off-road industry. Whether we're talking about their roots of being the first to manufacture and market locking hubs or the first to offer a recreational use winch, no one can deny that WARN has been doing it the longest, and arguably the best. And, they've done it again. WARN has just introduced their line of Zeon winches, that are truly a game changer.

The Zeon series winch not only performs well through its three stage planetary gear train, new motor and motor housing design, improved sealing, and automatic mechanical brake, but has stellar looks that don't make you ashamed of running a winch off the front of your rig. The new design features a convertible control pack that lets you mount the control pack separately from the winch if desired for limitless mounting positions, as well as changing the look for a more streamlined appearance.


  • ManufacturerWarn
  • MPN89120 | 95950
  • Convertible control pack allows for various winch mounting options and looks
  • Zeon is a completely new winch design, reengineered from the ground up
  • Available with steel or WARN Spydura synthetic rope
  • Extreme sealing and corrosion resistant finish and fasteners.
  • Satin-black powder-coated finish that attracts compliments while it resists corrosion
  • New motor and motor housing that increases power and reduces noise compared to other models
  • Features newer, faster line speed, and a lower amp draw to minimize strain on your charging system, while maximizing your recovery time
  • New three-stage planetary gear train with a new ergonomic easy throw clutch lever
  • Stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion
  • Automatic mechanical brake for power brake holds rated for the full load
  • New large diameter aluminum drum design for less wear on the winch rope.


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Welcome back to another review here on the pa...
Welcome back to another review here on the pages of DPP. Today's review is the new Warn Zeon 12 Winch. I must start out with how fast this thing got delivered. I received this in like 2 days after I placed the order and it qualified for free shipping.. Crazy cool. As usual the DPP price was great otherwise I wouldn't be reviewing it on their page lol. On to the winch. I have an 06 Mega Cab (if you didn't already know). I have installed the WIY (Weld it Yourself) Road Rhino bumpers front and rear. Well this front bumper lead me to a problem with the available winches on the market. No 12,000# and above electric winch, that I could find, would fit behind this bumper and not hit the cooling components. Well with this new Warn Zeon 12 problem solved. It has a detach kit available (DPP can get it for you if you ask) which allows you to remove the electronic components off of the top of the winch and relocate them elsewhere, thus shortening the overall height. With the Rhino bumpers you mount the winch laying on its back if you will. You still bolt to the bottom of the winch, just those bolts come from the front of the bumper instead of underneath, so to me the winch is lying on its back and feeding cable out the bottom. It also has a narrow width that allows it to fit comfortably between the frame mounts. If you have a Ram of this body style and this type of bumper then this winch is the answer (as long as you get the relocation kit lol). Installed height (with the relocation kit installed and the winch standing up flat on a work bench) is about 8 _"" tall, depth front to back is around 6 _"" and width is about 24 _"". As for quality, its Warn you can't beat it. Everything is included for install plus a new roller fairlead rated for 12K. As well as all wiring and controller plus a couple stickers. The only complaint was the length of the main power leads. I wish they were about 8"" longer (enter your own joke here) so I could dress them through the engine compartment like I wanted. They are long enough to reach and lay in nicely, I just like to hide all wires when possible. To date, the only thing I have pulled with it is a bunch of kids in my driveway. I have no doubt that if needed it will do its job. I don't regularly pull people out, but I didn't think it was right to have a winch bumper and no winch.. don't be that guy.. PS, if you do order the Relocation kit know that it comes with instructions and everything needed to mount it somewhere else even a mount. Its available in different lengths should you need to further away. If you have any questions call DPP, they answered mine and I'm sure they will answer yours.

Does this winch come with synthetic rope and everything shown in picture ??

That is not the synthetic rope version is is regular wire rope. The fairlead has changed to a roller style fairlead.


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WARN Zeon 12,000 lb. Winch

WARN Zeon 12,000 lb. Winch

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