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SKU #: SB-75-5068-main S&B Cold Air Intake System 13-18 6.7L Ram Cummins

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    • 2013-2018 6.7L Ram Cummins
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The S&B Intake System for the '13-'18 Cummins takes the principles and design of the factory Ram Active Air and improves upon the entire system by combining the benefits of the Active Air with the ... read more

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The S&B Intake System for the '13-'18 Cummins takes the principles and design of the factory Ram Active Air and improves upon the entire system by combining the benefits of the Active Air with the size and available air volume that S&B is known for. Uses the same motor that drives Ram Active Air to activate its swing gate, giving you all the benefits of the stock system, plus much more. Draws air from the wheel well inlet under normal driving conditions or inclement weather conditions (ice, snow, rain) to protect against the elements.

In extreme heat, high loads, or high altitudes, the swing gate pivots when your truck accelerates to full throttle, opening the ram-air duct mounted behind the front grille and exposing cooler and less restrictive air to your engine.

Testing shows that the ram-air inlet opens when outside temperatures are greater than 91°F and the truck is at full throttle. The ram-air inlet stays open for approximately 3-5 miles or until the truck slows to close to 5 mph. This process repeats itself. Ram-air activity varies with your driving conditions.

Want more air ? Use both inlets. Unlike stock which uses only one inlet at a time, this kit gives you the option of massive dual inlet airflow. Simply remove the dam from the gate arm and re-attach when desired or to protect against inclement weather.

Note: The gate arm remains active even with the dam removed. This will prevent you from getting an Active Air Box code when both inlets are open. Dam MUST be used in harsh weather conditions including but not limited to rain, sleet, or snow as engine damage can occur. SB is not responsible for engine damage due to failure to use the dam as instructed.

Cleanable or dry filters. You pick. This kit is offered with two types of filters: cotton (cleanable) or dry (disposable). Since you don't sacrifice performance with either choice, the decision comes down to your preference to throw away the filter or clean it. Part numbers for dry filter intakes end with 'D'.

carb California Air Resource Board D-590-19


  • ManufacturerS&B Filters
  • MPN75-5068 | 75-5068D
WARNING: CANCER AND REPRODUCTIVE HARM www.P65Warnings.ca.gov This product can expose you to chemicals including silica - crystalline, carbon black, methylene chloride, lead and lead compounds which are known to the State of California to cause cancer.


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Verified Buyer
Installed on my 2014 MAGA cab in less than an hour. Very clear installation instructions! The turbo is noticeably louder inside and out (with some throttle). The exhaust brake has a deeper tone and more growl. Honestly sounds more like a BIG RIG!! I should've bought it long ago...makes me smile!
Store Reply
Hell yeah Victor! Happy the intake is meeting your expectations. S&B is one our favorites. -Ben
Verified Buyer
Absolutely Awesome
Just started adding upgrades to the 2015 Ram 2500 6.7L and this thing is awesome, first of all shipping was super super fast! Amazing! Second of all the intake was very simple to install, gave me a little more volume from the turbo but REALLY INCREASED AIR FLOW AND LOWERED EGT. Stared at my programmer for about 3 miles Hammer down and noticed significantly more air flow and lower intake temps as well as lower EGT. Great product represented by an awesome company..more to come. Thank you DPP
Store Reply
Right on Trenton, that is what we like to hear! We appreciate your business and your review. Let us know when it is time for more goodies! -Ben
Verified Buyer
Great sound and noticeable mpg boost
Great fit and finish. Unleashes the perfect amount of turbo whine and exhaust brake roar. After a full tank noticed a 1 mpg increase. Install was straight forward and took less than 1 hour.
Instructions very detailed a bit of messing a...
Instructions very detailed a bit of messing around getting into harness but overall a great fit, will see how it goes over the next few weeks.
Instant hp, as soon as it was installed it is...
Instant hp, as soon as it was installed it is amazing!! Thanks S & B
Verified Buyer
Very nice product.
Very easy to install with very little tools required. Have used S&B in many different vehicles.
Verified Buyer
its well worth the money sounds great with the turbo and the Jake brake
Verified Buyer
its well worth the money sounds get with the turbo and the Jake brake
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Will this pass California emissions??

As of right now, this intake is still pending CARB approval. However, S&B is typically very diligent about meeting CARB, so we expect it to have an E.O. number issued shortly, but until then, it will not pass California emissions.


Do I have to have a programmer on my 2015 ram 6.7 to run this intake??

No, this intake would not require you to have a tuner on your truck. This will work on completely stock trucks.


What's the hp and tq gains??

Here is a detailed link to the test results: https://system.netsuite.com/core/media/media.nl?id=491141&c=1066071&h=edf63a43d06ae0236fa9&_xt=.pdf


Do you reuse the ram air motor from the stock box??

Yes, The RAM active air motor will be re-used into the new box.


Will this void the trucks warranty??

There is a chance that it would yes, any aftermarket part does run that risk. Would just have to check with your dealer.


Is oil required with the cotton filter or can it be used dry? Thanks.?

You would have to use the oil with the cotton filter. It will not function correctly without it.


I clicked on the detailed specs link, didn't see HP or Torque numbers. Can we get a simple (not have to read thru 30+ pages of airflow test results - volume, restriction, dust, etc. - in which I still didn't see any power figures)? Thank you?

It also depends on what is done to the truck. On a stock truck with no upgrades one might pickup 10hp/20ftlbs. On a modified truck that uses more air it will be more.


Does this intake work well with a 2nd Gen conversion kit like the BD-Power Rumble B Turbo Kit. What modifications (if any) would be necessary?

No the tube is all wrong to fit a 2nd gen swap. There wouldn't really be a way to modify it to make it work either. You would end up butchering the tube up to even get it remotely close.

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S&B Cold Air Intake System 13-18 6.7L Ram Cummins

S&B Cold Air Intake System 13-18 6.7L Ram Cummins

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