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SKU #: SYN-8580-04 Synergy Manufacturing Long Arm Upgrade Kit 03-13 Ram HD

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    • 2003-2013 Ram 2500 4x4
    • 2003-2012 Ram 3500 4x4


The design of the factory control arms and their mounting location at the frame are adequate for trucks that will see pavement their entire life. But, if you're like many, and are going to at least i ... read more

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The design of the factory control arms and their mounting location at the frame are adequate for trucks that will see pavement their entire life. But, if you're like many, and are going to at least install a small leveling or lift kit and take the truck off the beaten path now and again, they are inadequate.
Not only are the factory control arms built from cheap stamped steel featuring rubber bushings at each end that tend to quickly deteriorate and warp, the physical mounting locations lends itself to a significant amount of axle bind. In a perfect world, your control arms should be parallel to the ground. This would allow uninhibited upward and downward travel of the axle, with little axle "swing." This freer range of travel would result in a substantially better performing suspension system when paired with coil springs and shocks that are capable of the new found travel. Not only will the performance be night and day difference in hard core off road situations, but even in the daily grind of speed bumps and dirt road wash board.


The Synergy Long Arm Upgrade is the solution that most have been looking for. In the past, if you wanted long arms, you were required to be running a 6" or greater lift kit, because at those heights, it is basically mandatory to keep the axle moving at all. But this left those running a leveling kit, or similar, in the dust. The Synergy system will work on trucks at stock height up to 6" of front end lift to deliver unmatched front suspension cycling.

  • The Synergy Long Arm kit was designed and engineered from the ground up using a synergistic approach to maximize the Dodge 4x4 truck's on off road performance
  • Long arm kit was designed using OEM CAD files for a perfect fitment and enhanced vehicle drivability
  • Kit can be installed on anything from a completely stock truck to a 6" lift and 12" stroke 3.0" diameter shocks.
  • Suspension components feature a 2 stage powder coat finish for maximum durability
  • Lower control arms are manufactured from high quality crush resistant 2.0" X .250 Wall 1026 DOM tubing
  • Upper control arms are manufactured from high quality 1.75 x .188 Wall 1026 DOM tubing
  • Control arms incorporate Currie Enterprises Johnny Joints for performance durability
  • Synergy Dual Durometer Teflon lined bushings are assembled in control arm assemblies for extended performance minimized road vibration
  • Synergy double adjuster sleeve pinch bolt assembly allows for easy adjustment of control arms without removal from vehicle to provide for easy, perfectly adjusted alignments
  • 100% bolt on components assures an easy, trouble free installation with the use of basic hand tools
Synergy Long Arm Upgrade as used on Project Mjolnir

We had the opportunity to get our hands on a set of pre-production Synergy Long Arms for use on our Project Mjolnir. This truck is sporting a set of our 3" Progressive Rate Coils from Eibach, Fox 3.0 12" smooth body shocks featuring DSC reservoirs, 40" tires, and a host of other suspension upgrades.

While the truck "only" has 3" of front end lift, it has articulation for days, and that would simply not be possible with standard control arms. And yes, we said 40" tires with basically a leveling kit.


  • SkuSYN-8580-04
  • ManufacturerSynergy Manufacturing
  • MPN8580-04


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Long arm Upgrade for 3"" lifts
If you are looking to improve the ride of your 3"" lift even further then this is the kit to go with. When you upgrade your short arm to a long arm suspension there is a pretty noticeable ride quality increase. There is less castor change during suspension travel and in turn you get a better ride. Not to mention they look really cool too.
Verified Buyer
Smooth ride
Comfortable ride good quality
Verified Buyer
Won't clear AMP power steps
Couldn't be installed with Amp steps. Clearance issues with step mounts and brackets. Parts are massive and super beefy. They look and fell indistructable. This is a serious upgrade from stock. Just wouldn't work with my setup.
Store Reply
Thank you for the review. You're correct, these are built to take serious abuse, but due to the long arm configuration extending further back on the frame rails, can interfere with any additional bracketry that's been added.
Verified Buyer
Poor service
I ordered this product a month ago in 9 days and I've sent multiple I've tried and no response. I've already been charged. My truck has been on jack stands for a month, it's not like this is a 40$ part either, not happy about this lack of customer service at all

Will this kit work on a 2003 Dodge Cummins 3500? I noticed it says HD and was unsure if it meant HD Hemi.?

That kit will work on a 2003 Cummins 3500.


Will this fit a 08 2500 mega cab cummings??

Yes as long as your truck fits the parameters as far as lift height. Can't be over 6 inch. SNA


I have a 3in BDS lift, 35"" 13.5""-20"" tire, -44 offset rim and was thinking about getting this long arm kit. Will it stop my tire from rubbing the wheel well when I turn??

Potentially, typically the axle needs to be pushed back forward when a lift is done. Since the longarms are adjustable you can accomplish that. But, we have only done with 4.75 backspace wheels. Since -44's end up swinging more then turning on axis it is hard to say if it will completely alleviate that issue. DppSands


2015 Ram 3500 MegaCab DRW Synergy Tie Rod, Drag Link, Track Bar, Progressive rate Leveling Kit with Fox shocks, and Sway Bar Link. This says only covers up to 2012 for the 3500. Any fitment issues for my 2015 rig??

The two years use different suspension designs, the 2012 is still using upper and lower control arms so the axle would have the correct brackets. The 2015 uses a radius arm design the brackets are not going to be the same. There would be a couple fitment issues with that kit.-Sands


I lifted my 2006 dodge Cummins mega cab 6 in and added 2in leveling kit and my control arms are not long enough, will this work with a 8 in lift to bring the axle back forward??

The Synergy LA kit is intended to be used with a 6" lift. If you are sitting at 8" of lift, these may still work, however, you'd be pushing it. If you are looking for something that is meant to work with that amount of lift, check out these long arms from Pure Performance. PN: PP-R2LAUPG -Ben


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Synergy Manufacturing Long Arm Upgrade Kit 03-13 Ram HD

Synergy Manufacturing Long Arm Upgrade Kit 03-13 Ram HD

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