1994-2002 5.9L Dodge Cummins
NV4500 & NV5600 Manual Transmission | Clutches | Hydraulics

For 2nd Gen owners that prefer a hand shaker and three pedals, Dodge had available two different models of manual transmissions throughout the 94-02 model years.  At the initial release in 1994 through 2002, a five speed NV5600 featuring a 1-1/4" input shaft and 12-1/4" flywheel were standard.  In 1999, they released a high output Cummins that featured the NV4500's big brother, the six speed NV5600.  Initially, this six speed actually had a 1-1/4" shaft that would later be upgraded to a 1-3/8" in 2000.5 model years.  Further, the majority of the NV5600's had an upgraded 13" flywheel for a greater surface area.  However, we have seen numerous early NV5600's with 12.25" flywheels still.

Both the NV4500's, as well as the NV5600's have proven themselves in numerous applications, including behind a Cummins.  However, as with all things, they had their limits.  Whether it be an accumulation of use, heavy loads, or increased horsepower, these clutches do fail.

We offer numerous clutch options from both South Bend and Valair that will improve upon the reliability for your particular application.  If you've got a stock powered truck and are just in need of a good solid single disc replacement, we have those.  If you're running a full tilt pulling truck and need an SFI approved triple disc, we've got some options.  And if you're like most and are somewhere in between, we have a ton of options to suit exactly your truck and your driving style.

For those at relatively stock power levels and do not overload the truck, both companies offer single disc, organic faced replacement clutches that are a great alternative to the factory unit.  At the other end of the spectrum, if you've drastically increased the power of the engine, and even use it for sled pulling or drag racing, we also offer SFI Approved dual and triple disc clutches.

For the majority of people that drive their truck on a routine basis, and have made slight to moderate modifications to increase horsepower, we've found that one of Valair's or South Bend's street-style dual disc clutches is the best option.

As always, if you have questions about what clutch is right for you and your particular truck, send an e-mail to [email protected] or give us a call and we would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction.
NOTE: Specifically regarding 1999-2000.5 model years, please verify your flywheel and input shaft size before you order a clutch for your NV5600, as some of these came with an 1-1/4" shaft and 12-1/4" flywheel, just as the NV4500 transmissions had.

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