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But isn’t the Ford Raptor a Half-Ton with a Gas Engine?

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Well, yes, the Ford Raptor SVT that rolls off of the assembly line at the factory is a very capable half-ton sporting a 6.2L SOHC V8 producing around 411 RWHP.  In terms of off-road use, this is by far the most competent vehicle ever produced by any manufacturer ready to hit the trails off of the showroom floor.  But that simply wasn’t good enough for us at Power Products!  As most of our follows know, we’re obsessed with diesels.  We’re also obsessed with the concept of a vehicle that can do pretty much anything, I believe the phrase would be “have your cake and eat it, too.”  To have a truck that can comfortably transport you to work all week, race at  the drag strip on Friday night, haul a camper and enclosed trailer to the dunes on Saturday, and play in the dunes with ATV’s all weekend is the ultimate vehicle.

This is what we sought to build, modeling a 2012 Ford F-250 featuring the 6.7L Powerstroke engine after the highly acclaimed Raptor SVT, in a build we dubbed the Raptor SD.  The build is now complete and has exceeded our wildest expectations for what this vehicle is capable of.  The full start to finish editorial will be featured in the upcoming Petersen’s 4 Wheel & Off-Road magazine as the featured front page article.  To read more about the whole build, pick up a copy at your local newsstand (Available early April 2013) where you can read about turning our SuperDuty from ZERO to HERO in a matter of one week!

We will be posting a comprehensive writeup and videos soon for the Raptor SD build.

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