Diesel Power Products and F-Bomb Diesel Additives to Sponsor NW Truck Pulls 2013

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That’s right, sled pulling season is upon us, and this year we will be sponsoring our local NW Truck Pulls in what’s sure to be an exciting season! After only one year of substantial growth of this series, it was determined that the old track just wouldn’t support another year, so a new longer and wider track has been built that will keep this great series of events going for years to come. These pulls start as early as April 5th and continue all the way through October 5th. But what really separates these pulls from most others is the diversity of the vehicles allowed to pull. There are classes that not only include pickups and tractors, but you’ll even find the tots out there with their lawn tractors tearing it up, making them a true family friendly event.

For more information on the 2013 truck pulling season please checkout Northwest Truck Pulls.com

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