Sprint Booster- Easily Increase Your Throttle Response on Newer Trucks

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What the heck is a Sprint Booster?  Sprint Booster is the cure for the common delay in throttle response found on most current vehicles that utilize an electronic throttle.  Unfortunately, as most newer generation vehicles have adopted drive by wire systems, the traditional mechanical devices have gone to the wayside.  As a result of added computers that must signal other components of the vehicle, a delay in the reaction of the vehicle in comparison to what the throttle pedal actually does is very common.  Sprint Booster is a simple plug-in device that takes this signal and amplifies it in various levels (that’s right, it has three levels) of sensitivity.

We found this product line in a search to increase our 2012 6.7L Ford Raptor Super Duty’s throttle response.  By far, this truck in stock form had the slowest reaction time compared to any of our other vehicles, and it is very common on these trucks to have this issue.  We’ve now been running a Sprint Booster in many of our vehicles here and have been astounded what a difference it makes in each application.  As a perk for many new vehicle owners, the Sprint Booster does not affect the electronic systems, thus it will not have any adverse warranty implications.  Easy installation, cost effective, warranty friendly, and IT WORKS…..what else could you ask for!

Check out our selection of Sprint Boosters  for the Ford SuperDuty, Chevy HD, or Dodge Ram trucks at Diesel Power Products.com

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