F-Bomb – Official Fuel Additive for 2013 Diesel Power Challenge

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The Diesel Power Challenge is the most grueling and part demolishing competition for diesel vehicles on the planet.  Owners of privately owned Cummins, Powerstroke, and Duramax trucks are hand selected by the staff at Diesel Power Magazine and then final entrants are voted on by the readers, and then pitted against one another in an annual competition held at ATS headquarters in Colorado.  Trucks are pushed to the limits in various rivalries that test driver skill and truck aptitude in events such as sled pulling, drag racing, drag racing with a trailer, braking, highest horsepower, and a road course to test fuel economy.

Due to last year’s success as the Official Fuel Additive for the Diesel Power Challenge, Fuel Bomb will once again be the additive of choice for 2013!  We will be back in Colorado shortly to watch all of the carnage underway and see what truck and driver can be crowned as the 2013 Diesel Power Challenge Winner!

This year’s Diesel Power Challenge is held the first week of May 2013, the 6th through 10th. We will update with more info when we have it. For information on the competition, check out Diesel Power Magazine’s Website.

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