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A while back we notified everyone of a campaign that we were beginning revolving around “Made in the USA.”  Basically, it was an effort on our end to highlight those manufacturers and products that we deal with that have the authority of proclaiming they are American manufactured.  Since then, we have showcased one of our favorite brands, Carli Suspension, in their effort to maintain a Made in America status.  Recently, we have created a section on our Diesel Power Products website that actually lists all of the manufacturers with links to their manufacturer’s page that are “Made in the USA.”  You can see them all here:

Diesel Power Products:

We feel very strongly about the made in America theme at Power Products.  Everything that it represents, not only in our industry but in all avenues of life, can have a dramatic impact in our future as Americans by emphasizing such products.  Continue to look for more manufacturer specific highlights coming out in our newsletters and blogs each month.

Check out the original Carli blog post here: Carli Suspension featured in our Made in the USA campaign

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