Buyer’s Guide: 2013-2018 Ram Suspension

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If you’re tired of the stock suspension on your 2013-2018 Ram 2500/3500, you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to suspension setups for these trucks, the options are overwhelming. That’s where we come in. Welcome to our 2013-2018 Ram Suspension Buyer’s Guide.

Do You Have Coil Springs Or Leaf Springs?

Before starting your search for suspension, it’s important to note Ram 2500 trucks are equipped with a coil spring suspension in the rear and Ram 3500 trucks utilize traditional leaf spring suspension in the rear. Coil spring suspension tends to provide a smoother ride compared to traditional leaf spring suspensions. However, leaf springs are often preferred for heavy-duty towing and payload capacities. The front suspensions on these two models are essentially the same. When you are shopping for suspension options make sure you are selecting the right kit for your specific truck model.

Leveling Kits:

A leveling kit is a popular modification for truck owners who want to eliminate the factory rake of their vehicle’s suspension system. The factory rake is where the rear of the truck sits higher than the front, often to accommodate for the weight of a payload or towing. With a leveling kit, you lift the front end of the truck one, two, or three inches to make it level with the rear, hence the name “leveling kit.” It’s important to note that with a leveling kit, you are typically not touching the rear suspension at all; the adjustment is made solely to the front suspension to bring it up to the same height as the rear.

There are two main types of leveling kits for these trucks. The first type is a spacer leveling kit, which includes a spacer that sits on top of the stock spring. This spacer pushes the axle down, subsequently lifting the front of the truck to level it with the rear. The second type of leveling kit is a spring leveling kit. This option requires you to remove the stock spring entirely and replace it with a new, upgraded spring. This not only lifts the front of the truck to achieve a level stance, but it also provides a better, more improved ride quality. Both options are effective, and the choice comes down to personal preference and specific truck requirements.

2013-2018 Ram Leveling Kit Recommendations:

Lift Kits:

A lift kit, often referred to as a suspension lift kit, is a modification designed to raise the entire height of a truck, affecting both the front and the rear. This is in contrast to a leveling kit which only targets the front of the truck. Lift kits are variable, ranging from four inches to eight inches or more, based on the desired height and specific requirements of the truck owner. The additional height provided by a lift kit not only enhances the truck’s appearance but also improves its off-road capability, provides more ground clearance, and allows for the installation of larger tires.

A lift kit is more complex and includes a variety of components that work together to achieve the desired lift. Typically, a lift kit will consist of drop brackets, larger springs or blocks for the rear, and possibly other parts necessary to maintain proper alignment and suspension geometry. The complexity of lift kits, due to the significant height they add to both the front and rear of the truck, generally makes them more involved to install and more costly compared to leveling kits.

2013-2018 Ram Lift Kit Recommendation:

Adding An Adjustable Track Bar

When you’re in the market for leveling or lift kits, don’t overlook the importance of an adjustable track bar. An upgraded or adjustable track bar is essential to ensure your truck’s axle remains perfectly centered underneath the vehicle. Without a proper track bar, you might face alignment issues later on. Adding an adjustable track bar to your suspension upgrade can help prevent potential problems and ensure that your truck performs optimally with its new height. So, if you see an option for an upgraded or adjustable track bar when shopping for your leveling or lift kit, it is definitely worth the investment.

Track Bar Recommendation:

Picking the Right Suspension System

If you’re still on the fence about what suspension system is right for you , check out our “Picking The Right Carli Suspension System” blog. Carli Suspension has made a name for themselves by developing some of the highest quality systems available for solid diesel trucks.

Remember, we’re always here to assist! Whether you’re curious, concerned, or simply want to chat about diesel dynamics, our experts are just a call, email, or live chat away. Dive into the world of diesel with confidence, knowing you’ve got a team of professionals by your side.

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