Carli Suspension featured in our Made in the USA campaign

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Carli Suspension is an innovator in performance suspension systems for full size pickups.  And let’s not get the term “lift kit” confused with performance suspension.  Carli Suspension is a suspension engineering company geared towards drastically enhancing the ride quality of late model Dodge Ram HD’s and Ford Superduty’s for the everyday person.  Over the years, there has been a stigma associated with owning a truck, that basically your back will suffer, and that in order for the truck to have any kind of carrying capacity, it required it to ride like a chuck wagon.  Unfortunately, this stigma lies from the original manufacturers cutting costs to make them as affordable as they can be.  These cost cutting techniques result in these powerful machines getting lack luster suspension built from tin.  And now we take a truck enthusiast that wants to install a lift kit for fitment of larger tires, and regrettably 95% of the lift kit companies on the market build their lift kits to the same exacting standards as factory……garbage, but taller.

Sage Carli was after having his cake and eating it too.  After years in the off-road industry, seeing what could be done, but not always implemented due to various restrictions, he sought out to form a company to accomplish perfection, and so he did.  By surrounding himself with the best in the business with truly accomplished experts in the field working under his roof, as well as being hooked up with the likes of companies such as King, Deaver, and Bilstein, the company’s future was sheer destiny.  The company has maintained one goal: to manufacture the highest quality suspension components to improve both the on and off road handling with the highest degree of precision without cutting any corners.  And we at Power Products Unlimited, Inc. get to witness the outcome of such projects nearly every day.  Many of our personal vehicles are Carli equipped, and we sell countless systems to customers that can’t help but to let us know how truly satisfied they are with their “new truck” and wonder why they just lived with the ride quality of trucks for so many years… really can be better, DRASTICALLY better!

Part of what makes the Carli Suspension products so superior is the company’s continuous in-house testing and quality control driven from Sage’s incessant passion for perfection.  Without question in any Carli employee’s mind was that to maintain this meticulousness, all products would need to be engineered, built, and tested by Carli themselves, avoiding ANY type of outsourcing from anywhere, especially abroad.  And this is why we would like to showcase Carli Suspension for supporting MADE IN THE USA products, including their own.  Below is a summary directly from Carli Suspension as to why the Made in the USA theme is so important to them:

“America’s long standing tradition of pride, craftsmanship, and ingenuity has forever changed the face of modern production methods and it is no surprise that other nations look to America when quality cannot be compromised.  To keep the American spirit afire, that glowing heritage must be continually stoked by supporting and buying products made in our Great Land.  American families and businesses depend on the continued domestic support to keep their own livelihood and dreams from being shipped overseas.   Carli Suspension prides itself in developing, creating,  and supplying parts that are 100% Made In The USA.”   -Shaun Quisenberry Operations Manager Carli Suspension

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