DMAX Truck Engine Plant Lays Off Workers

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A DMAX truck engine plant in Moraine, OH, has laid off several employees in recent months.

Only a few years ago GM invested $69 million in the Moraine DMAX plant to manufacture new diesel engines.

Spokeswoman Kim Carpenter noted that the layoffs affected salaried staff only. The reason for the layoffs being “to better align our staffing to meet the needs of our business,” according to Carpenter.

The Dayton Daily News claims that the company did not give specifics on how many jobs were cut. Those who were laid off were said to be eligible for severance pay.

As of September 2011, the Duramax truck engine plant employeed 425 hourly workers and 90 salaried workers.

The Moraine, OH plant is run by GM and Isuzu Motors, and creates Duramax diesel engines.

Moraine DMAX Plant

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