Volkswagen Aqua Drives on Water

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21 year old Yuhan Zhang created the Volkswagen Aqua as part of the Annual Car Design Awards Competition held by Volkwagen.

The Volkswagen Aqua is designed to run on turmac, sand, and ice. Oh yeah, and WATER.

Working like a hovercraft, the vehicle can reach 62 mph on any terrain. It’s also environmentally friendly. The Aqua has 2 motors that are powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The vehicle is lifted off the ground through wings that inflate around the vehicle. One motor controls the wings, while the other moves the vehicle forward, left, and right.

The only way to enter and exit the vehicle is through a tank-like hatch.

Zhang, the creator of the Aqua, graduated from University Xihua-China with a degree in honors in Industrial Design. She says, “I hope Aqua will become an affordable supercar that is available to the general public one day.”

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