EZ LYNK with Custom Tuning from Kory Willis of PPEI – Put to the Test!

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In case you missed it, we announced the release of a hot new product last week, the EZ LYNK tuning device for 2011-2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstrokes.  With this release, we were able to get our hands on a demo model from Kory Willis of PPEI preloaded with a slew of his custom tunes to install and test on our Raptor SuperDuty. To say we were excited to test out this hot new product would be an understatement! PPEI informed us that they were shipping us one next day air on Thursday, so in order to prepare for the arrival on Friday, we had the truck in the shop Friday morning deprogramming the H&S MiniMaxx that currently controlled the ECM’s programming.         We also preloaded the EZ LYNK App onto several of our Smart Phones so we could familiarize ourselves with the operation of the program. As soon as the big brown UPS truck rolled into our parking lot, we anxiously waited at the loading dock and tore into the box like a kid on Christmas morning.

The first impression was that EZ LYNK went above and beyond on the packaging of the device. A custom, full color box featuring pre-printed installation instructions on the inner lid truly showcases the amount of effort put forth in the overall design of this product. Of course, we didn’t discover the instructions until after we had already loaded the device! That being said, we were able to load the tuning into the truck without any instruction, simply following the on-screen prompts on the linked Smart Phone. Quite simply, they couldn’t have done a better job at making the entire process as seamless as possible. Even those without an ounce of mechanical aptitude or versed in mobile phone Apps could easily install this into their vehicle. Basically, if you know how to plug something into your OBDII port under the dash, turn your key on, and work your cell phone, you can install an EZ LYNK.

Now, specifically in regards to the custom tuning that PPEI provided us……..WOW.         Don’t get us wrong, the MiniMaxx previously in the truck ran very well and never gave us a single issue. But it was an immediately noticeable difference. After loading the main program, your phone will display several main programming options that each have power levels within them. For the hard core enthusiast, one of the most sought after features is that of 2nd gear torque converter lock up, which was one of the optional levels, however, we opted to go with the standard lock up sequence as we knew that the truck would be hauling a heavy trailer all weekend. With this main level loaded, we now had three power levels to choose from, and of course, we loaded level three….TURN DOWN FOR WHAT?! For the hot rodders out there, this tune flat ripped. From a dead stop, we were chirping the 40” tires at take off, but one of the most impressive things, there was little to no smoke, a huge bonus in our eyes. The power was very linear and smooth, but when you demanded more from the skinny pedal, it came on hard and strong, throwing us back in the seat with more brute force than the H&S tuning had provided.

And for those that use the truck primarily for towing duties, the next day we hooked up to the toy hauler and headed on a 600 mile road trip for the weekend to put the EZ LYNK to the bigger test: how were the temperatures, shift pattern, and overall power when loaded down? Upon firing up the truck Saturday morning and pairing a Smart Phone to the EZ LYNK, Kory had already updated the tunes and there were now four power levels available, and guess what, we didn’t even have to do a single thing! No programming, no updating, this is probably the coolest feature of the EZ LYNK as everything is stored on a cloud based server. Overall, the 600 mile journey had the Raptor SuperDuty on mostly 55-70 MPH roadways with plenty of ascents and descents, and a plethora of windy roadways to test the acceleration capabilities of this new tuning. We won’t bore you with a log of every mile, but what we will say is that this tuning is exceptionally driver friendly. The shift points are spot on, power comes on strong, cruise control works every bit as good as stock, smoke is non-existent, and exhaust gas, oil, and coolant temperatures all remained within the safe zone for the duration of the trip. For the first time in too many years, we weren’t having to constantly watch our gauges to keep temperatures in check, and could instead sit back and enjoy the drive.

If you’re ready for the most advanced tuning platform on the market for your Powerstroke, loaded with shift on-the-fly power levels from the most sought after tuning company in the world, upgrade your truck to an EZ LYNK Auto Agent with Custom Tuning from PPEI.


5 thoughts on “EZ LYNK with Custom Tuning from Kory Willis of PPEI – Put to the Test!

  1. With this tuner it only flashes the computer once when u install it not when you start the truck over and over. I would like to put it back to stock for bring for emissions test don’t want them to know a tuner been installed just my check engine light scanner if any question

  2. I currently have a 2012 6.7 powerstroke with sctx4 custom tunes I have her delete 4inch turbo back exhaust and 15-16 style turbo upgrade and I’m not pleased with power at all with larger turbo and custom tunes I want to know the power levels for the ez lynk for m6 current mods debating switching to the ezynk

    1. We are running EZ LYNK on a 2012 Powerstroke here at DPP and have had great success with it, especially its ease in updating the tuning. The current “out of the box” tunes from PPEI for the EZ LYNK features a Stock, 50HP, 100HP, and 150HP power levels. Our 2012 is running EZ LYNK, exhaust, and a BD S467 Scorpion Turbo Kit and with 40″ tires just threw down 570 RWHP, so we’d say its delivering good power, especially on a stock fuel system. If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call at 888-99-DIESEL, or shoot an e-mail to [email protected].

  3. I put an EZ lynk on my 2015 and the power is great. The only thing is my fuel mileage got worse. I lost 4 miles per gallon. It was like at 15 then after a 500 mile highway trip of average speed was 11.6mpg. What is going on here?

    1. That definitely seems contradictory to what we’ve seen so far, but its really going to depend on who’s tuning you’re running, as the EZ LYNK itself is only “the means to the end.” I would recommend first contacting your tuning provider and letting them know of your concerns and what other modifications you did either at the time of EZ LYNK install, or just in general. Good luck and hope you’re able to get the mileage issues sorted out.

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