Happy Birthday America! 4th of July Weekend Savings

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Happy Birthday America!  Here at Diesel Power Products, we consider ourselves to be a pretty patriotic group of diesel enthusiasts.  We’ve lost count at how many American Flags adorn our building, website, vehicles, and apparel.  For us, these are a constant reminder as to the hurdles that our forefathers overcame so that we can live in the best country on the planet, and we wear the bars and stars proudly as such.

In remembrance of this Independence Day, we are delivering some HUGE discounts on many of our top selling brands to get you the best parts at the lowest prices.  As always, these are manufacturer allowed discounts, so you can rest assured that you will still receive the full manufacturer warranty and support in the event that it is needed.

So that all of us here are able to spend time with our families on this great holiday, we will be closed Monday, July 4th, but will be returning bright and early Tuesday to ensure all orders are processed and shipped as quickly as possible.  We wish all of you a safe and memorable Fourth of July!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America! 4th of July Weekend Savings

  1. Wanted to thank you guys for the info from diesel josh (no start no problem) I took my 2003 Dodge 5.9 to dealer they diagnosed it wrong twice $1,600 later I was still with the same problem me and my 16 yr old son following your info found the injectors was by passing to much fuel changed injectors now truck is running great!!!
    I have another problem with the 6 speed trans sometimes it don’t want to go in 1st and reverse tried pumping pedal still no luck and clutch fluid good wondering if clutch or trans do you have any way for me to check thanks again, From Hawaii

    1. That’s GREAT to hear you were able to use that guide to your the truck fixed! The first thing to check on this would be the hydraulics potentially not allowing the clutch fork to fully engage in these particular gears. There’s probably only two ways to test this, though. One, you could install a new set of hydraulics and hope it fixes the issue (or borrow a set from a donor truck). Otherwise, if you have a way to manually apply the clutch fork with the truck on a lift and have someone engage the gears. I’m leaning towards the truck needing hydraulics due to an internal leak, hence not able to apply enough pressure to relieve the clutch fork under these higher torque gears (1st and reverse).

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