Made in the USA – Synergy Suspension

Jeep, Made In The USA! the last few years of developing and enhancing our Offroad Power Products division, we have come across countless manufacturers in the industry.  One of the companies that has stood out to us by constantly displaying their determination to dominate the offroad market, and really just been an excellent company to do business with and call our friends, has been Synergy Suspension.  They are continually at the forefront developing new and unique products that fill some major voids, focusing on even the most seemingly miniscule components to strengthen your vehicle’s capabilities.

Synergy has specialized in the manufacturing and distribution of premium suspension products and systems since 2005.  In addition to suspension products, Synergy also manufactures a complete line of skid plates, bumpers and other related products that dramatically improve a vehicle’s on and off road capability, performance, and appearance.  Synergy suspension products are made in the USA at their facility in San Luis Obispo California.  Their goal is to make the highest quality products, while using the highest quality materials.  By keeping R&D, Productions, Packaging & Shipping in house, Synergy is able to create more jobs as the company expands, while keeping the ones already created.  Having production in house ensures Synergy’s tight tolerances and specs to the highest degree, making sure their products are the best performing and most durable on the market.

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