New Chevy Colorado Coming to the U.S.

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New Chevy Colorado
Thailand is already scheduled to see a release of the new Chevy Colorado later this month.  Two Duramax turbo-diesels, one which is a 2.5-liter diesel and the other being a 2.8-liter diesel, are being used in Thailand.  So what about us?!

Today, Chevy finally confirmed that the new Colorado mid-sized pickup is coming to the United States.

Pricing, timing, and specific details about the truck itself were not divulged.

Reviews of the truck vary.  Some are pleased by the new diesel truck, while others express boredom, asking why Chevy would improve another small truck when a large diesel truck is in demand.

What are your thoughts?

24 thoughts on “New Chevy Colorado Coming to the U.S.

  1. The small and midsize pickups suit my needs very well, but a small fuel efficient diesel is definitely the motivation to buy one. Most of the time I just drive back and forth from work. The other times, I tow a small boat, or haul some garden supplies. As a nature photographer who loves fishing, I need 4X4, most important for me are distance range and nimble handling. I would not make much use out of a heavy duty full size truck.

  2. About time. I’ve been waiting for years to get my “hilux”. Now, Chevy will fill that gap in our truck market. Small, durable, powerful engine capable of towing 5,000+ and getting good gas mileage when not working. Great job Chevy. This has been a neglected market in the US. I’m buying one.

  3. I own a 204 Chevy Colorado 4×4 with the 3.5 inline five and have 126,000 miles with great reliability (except for the common electrical ghosts that plague this model). If Chevy brought out this truck in diesel I would buy one tomorrow (hopefully they have got out some of the major bugs in the electric system).

  4. I do hope Chevy goes through with the Colorado Diesel. I want a truck that can handle a light RV in the hills and not cost me a arm and a leg to buy. It would be nice to have a truck for a daily driver that get better than 14 MPG. We shall see!

  5. The new “large” trucks suffer from too much of their own medicine – they’re TOO large. Many are too tall to fit into a multi-level parking structure and if they’re not, they’re too long and wide to safely navigate the tight confines.

    I think the domestic truck market is about to go through the same evolution the domestic car market did in the ’70s. After years of bigger-is-better, they got too big, too ungainly, and they lost their shorts to the smaller, more efficient foreign makers.

    GM and Ford would be wise to build and market good mid-size trucks with a broad selection of power trains.

  6. They better hurry before Isuzu brings one in. I drive a large diesel 2500 and could use a new smaller version with “great” gas mileage. There is no reason it shouldn’t get 40mpg. Come on Chevy, forget the wasted volt and fire Obama as your CEO. He sucks!

  7. It would be really great if an American Company could make a Midsize truck that gets 35+++ MPG. I own a 04 VW Jetta. my trunk is full of tools. I get 38 to44 mpg Diesel. So many working guys travel 40+ miles ONE WAY to work. Any the gas $$$$$$ are killing them. Most people are not pulling their 40′ boat or bulldozer.

    Diesel. MPG’s. and to carry tools. Pretty simple

  8. Between a Chevy Colorado gas and Toyota Tacoma gas I’ll go for the Tacoma but if you guys will bring in the Colorado diesel in the states I’ll buy one 110%. I love the stance of the Colorado diesel rally version. Looks great!

  9. With Ford not bringing the Ranger to the U.S. (why?)
    I guess in a couple of years I will be buying a Chevy Colorado.
    We have a car for long trips, but we need something with the ability to move our furniture.

  10. I can’t believe the US isn’t ready for a good strong midsized diesel truck. My checkbook will be out in a flash if this happens as long as it has a reasonable amount of grunt. The Ram 1500 would be my second choice.

  11. I own a Silverado and the darn thing is to big. To tall, to wide and very hard to determine exactly where the front bumper is when trying to park. Also difficult to determine the location of the front fenders when navigating corners in narrow roadways.
    Front geometry is not correct for the 20″ tires; tire drag can be easily heard during slow parking lot maneuvers. And, I do not like the mickey mouse spare.

    Give me a mid-size diesel extended cab and I will buy one. (Canyon or Colorado)

  12. This is great news. Definitely a step in right direction. The only reason the small pickup market dried up was due to the large pickups catching up in mpg. If we can get full sized trucks getting 25mpg, shouldn’t we have a smaller option that gets 35mpg? High mpg diesels are the way to go.

  13. Who made the comment about everyone wanting the big trucks has no grip on the market. We are begging for the smaller great mileage Diesel. I would like it to fit in my garage, and don’t want to drive a monster truck on the city interstates.

  14. Will take a long, hard look at the diesel Colorado. Now driving a Jeep Liberty CRD, would like to move back to a pick-up that’ll deliver same/better mpg and towing as my jeep. Great move, Chevy!!

  15. 4×4 auto or stick turbo diesel intercooled 35 plus mpg in a mid sized hope chevey will do it being a chevy guy or Toyota bring in the hilux from asia had one there and loved it great mileage

  16. Questions. Will this be the first engine Duramax 4cylinder scaled down to fit in this truck or will chevy incorporate the currently used engine that is driven overseas now. If this a first year design for this engine at this scale I will wait until the 2nd generation comes out. The transmission is the continue to go forward one so that is okay. But anytime you develop a 1st gen at this size you have problems”no matter who makes it” I have a feeling the closer we get to seeing these at our local dealers you will see a huge dumping of big trucks to clear their lots….especially with fuel going back up. So that should be a sign when you see big trucks being sold >8000 off MSRP and its not a holiday.

  17. Today’s “mid-size” truck is nearly as large as 1990’s full-size trucks. Ideal to me is 7000lb Towing capacity (with trailer brakes) in the Lightest and most aerodynamic package possible. Diesel is great as long as the engine lasts 200-300k miles, and the body doesn’t rattle apart. We just won’t know that until after the money is spent. VM Diesel has mixed reviews from the Jeep models, but undetermined if they are Operator-induced or Engineering shortfalls. Cummins is working the issue hard, but don’t have a “Mid-size” manufacturer on the hook yet. Oh yeah, under $25k MSRP is another key to selling it.

  18. Bring back the Dakota with the little Cummins (7k towing cap), only offer it with the diesel, and the battle for the market will be on! RAM 1500D sounds good, but it’s toooooo big for today’s cities and parking lots.

  19. I have been waiting for several years for a mid-size or smaller turbo diesel truck. I had a 1995 Dodge Dakota v-6 that I put over 250K miles on before giving it to a young relative. I am currently driving a Ford F-150 stretch cab but find it to be too large for my use. When the 2016 Colorado 2.8L diesel hits the show room floor I will order one.

  20. I’m waiting for the diesel to get here. A small pick up with great gas mileage would be great for this road warrior. 35 – 40K miles a year so I need every mile I can get out of a gallon. That along with using it to pull a small boat on the weekend is just what the doctor ordered!

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