After being canceled in 2020 and having lower than expected attendance in 2021 due to travel restrictions, it was encouraging to see SEMA back to normal this year for 2022. With over 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space and another million square feet of features and attractions throughout the convention center and surrounding areas, there was no shortage of things to see and people to talk to. If you don’t work in the automotive industry and didn’t get a chance to attend SEMA this year, we’ll fill you in on the latest diesel parts featured at the show and some of the coolest diesel builds we saw.

New Diesel Parts Featured At SEMA 2022:


We had the opportunity to get a closer look at the recently released S&B Lift Pump Fuel Sending Unit for 2017-2022 Ford 6.7L Powerstrokes. One of the biggest issues with aftermarket lift pumps is that they require you to modify the factory sending unit by gutting out parts that are very important to the operation of your fuel system. With the S&B Fuel Sending Unit, you can kiss those issues goodbye. Better yet, S&B has made this unit plug-and-play for easy installation. You can check out the step by step installation process here: How It Works S&B Ford 6.7L Powerstroke Fuel Sending Unit.


Another new part for the 2017-2022 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke platform came from Sinister Diesel. The new Sinister Diesel Degas (coolant overflow) Bottle is made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum which is TIG welded and pressure tested for maximum strength. This fabrication method makes Sinister’s tank significantly stronger than factory tanks which are molded from two plastic pieces and have a history of leaking. Sinister’s Degas Bottle uses the factory cap (upgraded caps are available!) and features a sight glass for easy level inspection. With basic tools and a cold beer, you can bolt this replacement reservoir into your truck easily in less than 30 minutes. Check out the installation video here: Installing Sinister Diesel’s 6.0L Degas Bottle


This beauty is truly a work of art. A fully machined water pump with anodized coating and even a billet impeller. Always the best from Bulletproof Diesel!

Most water pump options for your Cummins on the market today are constructed of a cast iron housing and plastic impeller. Yes, you read that correctly, plastic impeller. Needless to say we were excited to see Bulletproof Diesel’s New Billet Aluminum Water Pumps for 1989-2022 Ram 5.9/6.7L Cummins that are designed for maximum durability and efficiency. The stronger metal impeller resists cracking along the hub, helping to prevent impeller failures, overheating, and expensive repairs. The metal impeller is also stiffer and stronger, therefore less likely to flex under heavy loads, which could help prevent cavitation and erosion within the front cover. The lightweight, all aluminum drive pulley minimizes parasitic loss and because of the cooling fin design, helps to cool the bearing under even the most extreme conditions. It also looks really cool! Lastly, the bearings in this pump are constructed from a much larger, robust roller and ball bearing design that offers superior durability and longevity as compared to the factory unit.


Twice the size equates to twice the fun! Seriously, the PPE intercooler for 3.0L’s is double the size of the factory one. There are rumors that on PPE’s test vehicle that travels long distances went from 26 MPG’s to 34 by only replacing the intercooler.

The new PPE Air-To-Water Intercooler Kit for 3.0L Duramax LM2’s drops charge air temperatures by 30+ degrees compared to the factory intercooler. You can thank the all-aluminum Bar And Plate-style construction, superior fin layout, and 2.4 times larger core for the increased cooling efficiency. Aside from performance, cooler and denser charge air can reduce exhaust gas temperatures (EGTs) and increase fuel economy. The complete kit from PPE includes a die-cast support bracket, billet aluminum turbo adapter, and performance silicone couplers + coolant hoses.We’re definitely getting our hands on one of these, keep an eye out for an install video coming soon.

It Wouldn’t Be SEMA Without Some Jaw Dropping Builds

This Power Wagon build featured in the Baja Designs booth was at least one of our show favorites. The attention to detail, simplicity, and ruggedness was outstanding. Take a peak at the passenger side headlight….notice the screen in place of the headlight? That’s right, its the air intake. Also, if you peek at the steering, you’ll notice a fully custom built heavy linkage that even includes machined tie rod ends to prevent the main tie rod from flopping at the knuckles.
What else would you expect from one of our favorite featured vehicles? The Power Wagon was sporting a VE fueled 12 Valve Cummins with only a few slight modifications (fuel pin, governor spring, and BD Valve Covers). We spent a good deal of time talking to the owner and builder of the truck with recommendations for his power goals. You may see some features of this truck in the future.
Believe it or not, this beauty is built on a 1994-1997 F-350 chassis and is powered by a 700HP 7.3L Powerstroke. The owner stated this 5-speed beast will drop a gear and disappear with ease. Check out the side pipes!
Not very long ago if someone said they swapped a 6.0L Powerstroke INTO something, you’d assume they are crazy, or you misheard. Those days are over. The formerly hated powerplant from Ford is now a fan favorite to swap into just about anything, like this 1,000HP F100 built by Lyfe Motorsports and displayed in the Diesel World Magazine booth.

Until Next Year

It’s been years since we’ve been to a show as epic as SEMA 2022 was. The sheer size of the event, the builds, the people, and the atmosphere are unmatched. We can’t wait to test some of these newly released parts and get them in your hands to enjoy as well. Until next year!

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