Straight Pipe to Stealth Mode with the Flip of a Switch!


If you’re like many, you love the sound of a straight pipe diesel, but can’t stand the drone and resonation when you’re towing. Or maybe you prefer a straight pipe, but your significant other wants it to be as quiet as possible. No matter the reasoning, in the past, if you wanted to the best of both worlds, you either needed two trucks with different exhaust systems, or you needed to really enjoy swapping out your muffler for a straight pipe all of the time. THIS HAS NOW CHANGED WITH THE TONWERX MUFFLER!

Available in 4″ and 5″ configurations, the Tonwerx muffler was designed and built to alleviate the issue of wanting the best of both worlds. This performance muffler features either a 4″ or 5″ straight pipe at its core, with an outer shell featuring a spiral louver between the shell and the core. At the inlet of the muffler is a diverter that allows you to either channel exhaust through the straight pipe core, or to the outer spiral, or anywhere in between. Control comes via a simple rotating arm on the outside of the muffler that can be attached to a remotely mounted lever, which is included with the kit.  Tonwerx is also working on an electronically controlled version that will be controlled via a rheostat knob inside the cab for a super clean installation.

By going from full open, to the fully closed position, there is a very noticeable change in the decibel level of the exhaust, both inside and outside of the truck, which will also drastically cut down on in cab drone when towing. For those that simply would like to fine tune the sound of their truck, you also have the option of locking the diverter in any finite position between fully open and fully closed for a customized sound.tonwerx-closed1tonwerx-open-2

Image above shows muffler in the full closed position.  Image to the right shows full open.




2 thoughts on “Straight Pipe to Stealth Mode with the Flip of a Switch!

    1. Unfortunately, Tonwerx was short lived, which is too bad. The last I’d heard, years ago, that a big name exhaust manufacturer was looking to purchase them, but I don’t believe anything ever came of it.

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