Unleashing Power: The Story Of Smeding Diesel’s Drive For Excellence

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Since its inception, Smeding Diesel has remained at the forefront of diesel performance, continuously pushing the boundaries and delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of diesel enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a team of skilled technicians and diesel aficionados, the company takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of performance upgrades for diesel-powered vehicles of all makes and models.

At Smeding Diesel, quality is paramount. The company meticulously creates premium diesel performance parts and accessories from leading manufacturers, ensuring that customers have access to the finest products available on the market. Whether it’s turbochargers, turbocharger piping kits, or diesel exhaust manifolds, Smeding Diesel’s extensive inventory is meticulously curated to meet the highest standards of performance and reliability.

In addition to its exceptional products and services, Smeding Diesel is renowned for its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company’s knowledgeable and dedicated team goes above and beyond to provide personalized guidance, technical support, and expert advice, helping customers make informed decisions and achieve their diesel performance goals with confidence.

As active members of the diesel community, Smeding Diesel is deeply involved in supporting and promoting the diesel enthusiast lifestyle. From sponsoring events and races to providing educational resources and fostering a sense of camaraderie among diesel enthusiasts, the company is dedicated to cultivating a thriving community of diesel enthusiasts who share a passion for power, performance, and precision.

With a strong foundation built on integrity, expertise, and a genuine love for all things diesel, Smeding Diesel continues to set the standard for excellence in the diesel industry. As the company looks towards the future, it remains committed to pushing the boundaries of diesel performance, driving innovation, and empowering diesel enthusiasts to unleash the full potential of their vehicles.

For diesel enthusiasts seeking uncompromising performance and unmatched expertise, Smeding Diesel stands ready to deliver, one horsepower at a time.

Top 3 Trending Items:

EGR-Compliant S300 Turbo/Manifold Kit 07.5-18 Ram 6.7L Cummins

When discussing the top movers for Smeding Diesel, this is a product that cannot be left off of the list. Smeding saw the issues with the factory electronics on the stock turbochargers for the 6.7L Cummins and said, “Let’s make something that will be better and more durable.” This kit comes with everything a Cummins owner needs to not only replace a broken part leaving them left on the roadside, but it also can be a replacement for those looking to simply upgrade.

An S300 turbocharger is a tried and true piece. After years of being on virtually every platform, the S300 is where truck owners go for reliable horsepower and extended longevity. This is a comprehensive kit that includes a heavy-duty, two-piece T4 divided replacement exhaust manifold that will replace the brittle, stock unit and because of its thicker, more durable construction, it will also retain the exhaust heat inside driving that turbocharger harder. This will result in throttle response and improved output. On top of the improved performance and lengthened lifespan, this manifold is also fully EGR-compliant with provisions ready for a EGR system to mount.

Among an upgraded, non-electronic turbocharger and new exhaust manifold, this kit also includes the necessary mounting hardware and fresh gaskets to ensure a snug fit to the cylinder head and a leak-free installation. What if you’re looking for a specific size of turbocharger, though? Good news, this is a versatile kit that allows consumers to make that decision with multiple sizes available on the compressor wheel and heavy-duty or standard thrust bearing selections.

Choose the Smeding Diesel S300 Turbo Kit for your diesel engine and experience the benefits of improved performance, reliability, and efficiency. With its advanced features and customizable options, this kit delivers higher boost potential and reduced EGT while retaining factory components for easy installation. Whether you opt for the standard cast compressor or upgrade to a billet compressor with 360-degree thrust bearing, you’ll enjoy enhanced horsepower and fuel efficiency, all at an affordable price point. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your diesel engine.


  • Cast 62mm compressor
  • Billet 63mm SXE compressor
  • Billet 64.5mm SXE compressor
  • Cast 66mm compressor
  • Billet 66mm SXE compressor
  • Billet 69mm SXE compressor
  • Billet 72mm SXE-R compressor (360-degree thrust bearing upgrade)
  • Billet 63mm SXE-R compressor (360-degree thrust bearing upgrade)

S300 E-Series Turbocharger Kit 11-14 Ford 6.7L Power Stroke

Like the Cummins, the Power Stroke diesel engine has faced issues with their electronically-controlled turbochargers, especially between the years 2011 and 2014. Knowing that, Smeding Diesel faced this issue head-on by coming up with an extensive solution that allows Power Stroke lovers to either prevent a failure by replacing it or fixing a down truck. The E-Series S300 Turbo Kit, once again, is saving the day on our beloved diesel trucks.

Introducing the Smeding Diesel Ford 6.7L S300 E-Series Turbo Kit, the ultimate solution for 2011-2014 F-250, F-350, F-450 and F-550 trucks with performance and reliability. Say goodbye to the troublesome factory VGT turbo with this tried and true, drop-in replacement system. Designed to seamlessly integrate into your 6.7L Power Stroke engine bay, the S300 remains in the factory location making it easy to replace with no additional modifications required.

Like all of their kits, this package comes complete with everything you’ll need to get rid of the headaches from your factory turbo. This includes the turbocharger of your choice, mounting pedestal and gasket, a new oil feed line, a billet plug for the old dual outlet turbo, intake and intercooler boots/clamps. With no extra parts required, this turbo kit makes things easy. No downpipe or exhaust manifold modifications required.

Also, this kit is flexible and convenient. Whether you’re someone who uses the truck for towing and daily driving or someone who wants to drag race or sled pull, there is a kit for you. Experience a range of horsepower options and driving characteristics with this S300 kit.


  • S362 Cast: Stock-500 horsepower (Ideal for towing and daily driving)
  • S363 SXE Billet: Stock – 550 horsepower (Ideal for towing and daily driving)
  • S364.5 SXE Billet: 425-575 horsepower (Suitable for towing, daily driving, and mild racing)
  • S366 Cast and SXE Billet: 450-625 horsepower (Perfect for daily driving and mild racing)
  • S369 SXE Billet: 500-700 horsepower (Ideal for hot street and racing)
  • S372 SXE Billet: 500-750 horsepower (Optimal for hot street and racing)

Upgrade your 6.7L-powered Ford with this Smeding Diesel S300 E-Series Turbocharger Kit and unleash the true potential of your diesel engine with confidence.

Drop-In S362/65 Turbocharger 03-07 Dodge/Ram 5.9L Cummins

Closing out our top three movers list for Smeding Diesel is their drop-in, stock replacement unit for the 2003-2007 Dodge/Ram 5.9L Cummins. Due to the popularity of modifying these trucks, the factory Holset turbocharger that these trucks are equipped with aren’t enough. They come with a HE351CW which is perfect for a stock truck, but at the end of the day, they are small. When upgrading these trucks, this is the first bottle neck when it comes to increasing output.

Although the idea of having a tight exhaust housing to enhance spool works on stock applications, the fact of the matter is we don’t leave things alone. Good news, though. Smeding Diesel offers this completely drop-in piece that not only allows your truck to drive like a stock turbo with quick-spooling characteristics, but it also supports more horsepower! This particular upgrade features a 62mm compressor wheel paired with an appropriately matched 65mm turbine.

For trucks looking to be within that stock to 500 horsepower range, this is the turbo for you. Within that range, you’re still able to tow and daily drive as you were. Being versatile as per usual, Smeding offers this turbo with the 12cm (.70 A/R) housing allowing you to get excellent driving characteristics. Another feature to share is the twin-scroll divided T3 wastegated housing that comes preset to 40 PSI (User adjustable). This turbo will NOT use the factory wastegate control valve on the 04.5-07 5.9L trucks and the use of a boost fooler or tuning is required.

Since you’ve already made the right choice in turbo upgrades for your 5.9L, all that is left now is to toss this upgrade on with ease and get to enjoying that truck like you did on the first day.

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