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Over the years, Nissan has done an excellent job of upgrading the factory lighting options for the Titan models.  How about vertical adjustment of your headlight with the turn of a knob on your dash?  And what about factory projector headlights and LED taillights?  Not only have these upgrades proved to be far superior in terms of light output, but also in overall aesthetics and durability compared to previous models.  However, if you're like us, the factory options still don't cut it.  Whether you want to upgrade just to set your Titan apart from the crowd, or to ensure that you have full visibility out on the trail, we have countless options to upgrade the lighting from bumper to bumper, all from the best manufacturers in the business.

For those uncertain as to the differences in Halogen, LED, and HID technology, below is a brief summary to help give you a better understanding.

A halogen bulb is a form of incandescent light that uses a tungsten filament.  When the halogen gas comes into contact with the bulb filament, a chemical reaction occurs that deposits evaporated tungsten back into the filament, allowing it to create light and heat.  Overall, halogen lighting is the most cost effective means of automotive lighting, but their overall efficiency suffers due to inefficiencies that cause much of the energy to be transformed into heat energy, as opposed to light energy. 

LED (Light Emitting Diode)
LED technology has quickly become the replacement for halogen and incandescent lighting.  Overall, the light output of a single LED is comparable to that of halogen, but due to its extremely small size, numerous LED's can be utilized in the same space constraints as a single halogen, thus delivering a much greater light output.  Further, the overall power efficiency is much greater than that of halogen, meaning very little energy is wasted to heat, in turn causing the life expectancy to dwarf that of halogen.  In the automotive sector, LED also has advantage because it does not require a sensitive filament that can be damaged due to vibration and jarring. 

HID (High Intensity Discharge)
In terms of light output, HID is the brightest form in comparison to LED and Halogen if basing upon a single element.  HID's are similar in design to that of halogen, but have no filament, rather a tungsten electrode.  The electrode is encased in a tube that contains Xenon and metal salts, that when ignited, create an immense amount of light.  Overall, HID is great in terms of light output, but are still fragile compared to that of LED. 

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ARB 10500060A Rechargeable Adventure Light 600
DPP Price: $56.05
ARB 7450109 LINX Air Bag Isolation Kit
DPP Price: $144.40
For use with ARB LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface
ARB Intensity 7" LED Driving Light - Spot Beam
DPP Price: $485.45
ARB Intensity 7" LED Light Cover
DPP Price: $55.10
ARB Intensity 9.5" LED Light Cover
DPP Price: $57.00
ARB Intensity LED Light Wire Loom
DPP Price: $73.15
ARB LX100 LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface
DPP Price: $660.25
Baja Desgins Pro Fog Light Kit 17-18 Nissan Titan
DPP Price: $431.96
2017-2018 Nissan Titan
Baja Desgins Sport Fog Light Kit 17-18 Nissan Titan
DPP Price: $251.96
2017-2018 Nissan Titan
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